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“To Love And Be Loved” | Mauricio & Rubi | Paradise Palace

Cute photo and video op for the bridesmaids when getting ready on the wedding day: cute robes and a toast to marriage! | www.EvermooreFilms.comOkay. I’m a sucker for wedding days. And I’m a sucker for wedding videos. And when I see the final draft of a wedding film go out to the bride and groom I’ve got to watch it and think about how they’ll see it and feel for the first time. And this one–I’ve gotta tell ya–gave me goosebumps for like 2 minutes straight and then some, and then on the re-runs too!! Such love, such emotion, such sweetness. Oh how sweet Mauricio and Rubi are together and how excited they were for their wedding day! Such gentle and caring people who know how to have fun and make everyone feel included! They booked one of the biggest indoor venues in town so they could feed all their friends and family and so that no one would be left out!

And if you want something unique at your wedding, try hiring some dancing horses! | www.EvermooreFilms.comRubi wrote in her sweet love letter to Moe, “God’s timing is always perfect” and Moe wrote back, “You have and always will be a gift from God.” Moe and Rubi met at Cal State Bakersfield and went on their first date to a Dodger’s game and you know what – that was the most perfect timing possible for these two to start off their journey to be united, though they just didn’t know it at the time ;-) Many of their friends and family look up to them in their example of a true love story, and it was so sweet to hear those who stood up at their wedding reception and affirmed that this truly was true love. You can just hear it in Rubi’s sisters voice…such love, such care, such thankfulness for this relationship and so many people were so proud of who they’d become.

Plan plenty of time to get some beautiful photos and video time in a pretty location for photos that will be remembered for a lifetime | www.EvermooreFilms.comRelationships are a wonderful thing and when you can honestly say, like Rubi to Moe, “You have taught me to love and be loved” then you know there is something more than just special…there is something extra special, truly wonderful, and worth planning a wedding to celebrate!



Starring Actor: Mauricio
Starring Actress: Rubi
Officiant: Father Miguel & Father Chummar

Film ProducerEvermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore
Film Editors: John Hamlin & Joshua Moore
PhotographerLaura Danielle Photography
DJ Company: Banda S3
DJ: Isidro
Reception Live Music: Mariachi Los Toros de Mexico

Groom’s Jeweler: Helzberg Diamonds
Bride’s Jeweler: Helzberg Diamonds
Tailor: Fino’s Menswear & Tuxedo
Dress Shop: Winnie Couture
Alterations Company: Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations
Seamstress: Mary Rita Nommensen
Bridesmaids Dress Shop: Ladies & Gents Bridal
Hair Stylist: Samantha Garcia
Makeup Artist: Salina Martinez
Nail Artist: Candice

Decor Designer: Carlos Cabrera
Florist: Make It Happen Events
Rentals: Make It Happen Events
Linens: Paradise Palace

Caterer: Martin’s Meats
Baker: Aunt Graciela

Preps Venue: Padre Hotel
Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Paradise Palace
Location: Bakersfield, California

“Believe (SVVN Remix)” by Secret Nation courtesy of MusicBed
“Infinity” by One Hundred Years courtesy of MusicBed


Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing corporate promotional videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.

“A Little Something” | Babymoore Films

So….it’s been a busy month and we decided it was time to take a break from the craziness of shooting and editing and organizing and such and create a short film! Babymoore Films is our baby division of Evermoore Films and we want to share a fun little video we made to announce some news….!!!




“What We’ve Always Wanted” | Trystan & Hazel

The perfect sunset kiss for a romantic fall wedding | “What We’ve Always Wanted” is a sweet wedding story about a bride, Hazel, and her groom, Trystan, and how these two made a lifetime commitment to love and honor each other as husband and wife! Now in case you don’t know Trystan and Hazel, these two are HUGE Disney fans…like he proposed at Disneyland on June 28th, 2016! Their engagement photos were themed after the movie “Up” and if I’m not mistaken that’s where they headed there for their honeymoon as well! As it was said that night, Hazel married the man of her dreams, her favorite Disneyland buddy, and her one and only Prince Charming.

And Trystan was no less lucky, speechless at the thought that today was the day they were to be wed in matrimony forever. As he wrote in his last love letter to Hazel before the wedding ceremony, “I’m trying to find the words to say, but I find myself drowning in this symphony of love.” Oh what hopeless romantics these two are! All day there were smiles and tears, smiles and tears, laughter and hugs and smiles and tears. Such a beautifully emotional day! Trystan and Hazel had waited eight whole years to this day and it was truly all that they had dreamed of, being united in marriage before friends and family in their own home church and celebrating afterwards with a beautiful meal and towers upon towers of donuts with cake, from surprise performances to sweet dances, the whole day was one to remember and we only hope that we captured a small part of this love-packed day with the trust sense of joy and happiness that surrounded everyone that day.

Sweet wedding toasts to the bride and groom on their wedding day! | www.EvermooreFilms.comSeriously, we don’t stamp a film complete until we ourselves get the goose-bumps and it doesn’t take us long here – I mean, even the Father-Daughter First Look is just too precious and the day had hardly started! Poor Hazel tried her best not to smear her gorgeous makeup and somehow she succeeded, but that was no easy ordeal with all the love and joy and hope and excitement the day brought! And the wedding ceremony!! Not only did Trystan and Hazel get married in a grand church with chandeliers and a full choir, but their vows – oh, their vows – so precious, so meaningful, straight from the heart. You almost want to clap out loud as they are pronounced husband and wife! Enter the reception and the smiles couldn’t be wiped from their faces even if they tried. Trystan and Hazel had a wonderful time celebrating and making special memories that we know will last them the rest of their life. We only hope we were able to contribute to their happiness by capturing these moments for them to watch and re-watch for many many years to come. Cheers to the newest Mr. and Mrs. Diaz! Congratulations and may your love grow stronger every day!





Starring Actor: Trystan
Starring Actress: Hazel
Officiant: Brother Eduardo Javier 

Film ProducerEvermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore, Ricardo Santoyo
Production Assistant: Nick Tanaka
Film Editors:  Joshua Moore
Event Producer: Fairy Godmother
Lead Fairy: Marissa Blankenship
Photographer: Gwen Corona Photography
DJ Company: Freestyle Event Services
DJ: Mike Broida 

Groom’s Jeweler: Zales
Bride’s Jeweler: Zales
Tailor: Friar Tux Shop
Dress Shop: Panache Bridal
Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Alterations Company: Panache Bridal
Shoe Designer: Badgley Mischka
Hair Stylist: Alivia Daniels & Jana Maes
Makeup Artist: Alivia Daniels & Jana Maes

Decor Designer: Marissa Blankenship
Florist: House of Flowers
Rentals: Walker-Lewis Rents
Linens: Walker-Lewis Rents
Invitations: Matinae Design Studio
Stationery & Signage: Matinae Design Studio
Greenery Wall:
Make It Happen Events

CateringNV Catering
BakeryGimmee Some Sugar
Donuts: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Preps Venue: Hathaway Ranch
Ceremony Venue: Church of Christ
Reception Venue: Hathaway Ranch
Transportation: Virk Limousine Services & Entourage Limousine
Location: Bakersfield, California

“I Get To Love You” by Ruelle courtesy of MusicBed
“Forest Fire” by Jessie Villa courtesy of Soundstripe


Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing corporate promotional videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.

“More Than Friends” | Andrew & Kaylee | The Links at RiverLakes Ranch

The bride...approaching her groom for their First Look | A seemingly chance meeting at a Christmas party led to “More Than Friends” in Andrew and Kaylee’s case. But it was the perfect timing and they turned out to be “the perfect pair.” After meeting, each one went home and asked their mutual friend about the other (“Wait, who’s this guy?” and “Tell me more about this girl.”). Even from Day One, Kaylee knew Andrew was special…she just didn’t know it’d turn into the perfect man for her! And Andrew knew there was something different about this girl…and he was intrigued to spend more time with her and find out more.

The nervous groom...awaiting his bride | Andrew and Kaylee were such a special bride and groom for us at Evermoore, and we loved filming and editing their wedding. From even the short time we’ve known them we can see their love is deep and genuine. As Andrew said in his love letter to his soon-to-be-wife, “Today is the happiest day of my life…so far.” And they have many more happy days ahead – happier than they can even imagine! Almost giddy at their First Look before the wedding ceremony, Andrew and Kaylee couldn’t help but pull out a few dance moves with excitement. As Kaylee said, “Now let’s go get married!.”

Beautiful bride and groom at sunset! |“For better…for worse…for richer…for poorer…in sickness…and in health…to love…and to understand…till death shall part us.” Andrew and Kaylee pledged their vows to each other before family and friends, both full of smiles and brimming with happiness. At their beautiful wedding reception, Andrew’s best man reminded him of the days when they’d sit around dreaming of being married to the perfect wife, and at last his dreams had come true. And you can only imagine how excited Kaylee’s Maid of Honor was to see her two best friends get married and now spend the rest of their lives together. Oh, such a happy day in so many ways!! Why, even their two sweet Pomeranians made a special appearance in the morning while getting ready for the day!

So this Christmas, if you take Andrew and Kaylee’s advice, keep your eyes out…because you NEVER know who you’ll meet!!









Starring Actor: Andrew
Starring Actress: Kaylee
Featured Pomeranians: Tasha & Tula
Officiant: Ryan D’amato

Film ProducerEvermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore
Film Editors: Joshua Moore
PhotographerBoone & Stacie Weddings
DJ CompanyTrifecta DJ
DJ: Michael Villa

Groom’s Jeweler: Rogers Jewelry Co.
Bride’s Jeweler: Avetty Jewelers
Tailor: Men’s Wearhouse
Dress Shop: Enchanted Bridal Boutique
Seamstress Company: Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations
Seamstress: Mary Rita Nommensen
Shoe Designer: Badgley Mischka
Bride Flip Flops: Kate Spade
Hair Stylist: Jaime Huckaby
Makeup Artist: Linsday Nettleton

Florist: Katie Van Dyke
ArchJoRonCo Rentals Inc. 
Walker-Lewis Rents
Linens: The Links at RiverLakes Ranch
Invitations: Shutterfly
Flower Wall: Lolita’s Blooms
Guestbook CanvasMiss Design Berry Inc from Etsy

Catering: The Links at RiverLakes Ranch
BakerySweet Surrender

Preps Venue: Private Residence
Wedding VenueThe Links at RiverLakes Ranch
Venue Coordinator: Cathy Frampton
Location: Bakersfield, California

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing corporate promotional videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.

Toothpaste Love

Toothpaste love |

Yes. Love your husband by rolling the toothpaste HIS way. Instead of constantly fighting his quirky personality, embrace it, love it, and learn to cherish it. Someday you may regret not doing this sooner. Find the small ways you can bless him by letting him be him and not trying to make him you or someone else. In just a simple task like rolling the toothpaste, or installing the new roll of toilet paper, or folding his shirts…let him do it his way and–ready for this?–try it his way yourself! No, it might not be your favorite way, or the perfect way. In fact, YES, it might be less efficient, less pretty, or just uncomfortable. But don’t you think just another little way to say “I Love You” would go a million miles with your husband? Well…it does…especially when you add all those little ways up – they become big ways and more miles really fast.

Not sure what your husband prefers or just so used to doing it your own way? Ask him! “Hey, honey, I never stopped to ask, but…how would YOU prefer me to ____fill-in-the-blank____.” After he lifts his jaw off the ground and gives you a big hug…I’m sure he’ll have a few ideas for you. Just take one at a time – you don’t want to completely change yourself into him, but you do want to honor his wishes and not be a selfish monster for the rest of your married life, right? So start today by noticing (or asking) how he rolls the toothpaste tube. Have separate toothpastes? Then try the toilet paper test. Start with one simple thing that he does one way and you do another and try it his way. And maybe later he can try something else your way…but hold your horses and take it one step at a time! Happy rolling!


This tip is part of our Bride Tip series, which encourages newlywed brides to love their husbands more every day. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.