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“I Don’t Think I Can Afford a Wedding Video. Can You Help Me?”

Frequently Asked Wedding Video Questions #3

Brides and grooms, you’re smart to do your research before hiring vendors for your wedding. Since this whole experience is full of “firsts” it can feel complicated and get downright confusing trying to keep track of everything. And yet, after a jam-packed wedding day full of details and excitement you’ll be surprised at how fast it went!

We want to help you busy brides in their research and we’ve got a series of Wedding Video FAQs that would be great to browse through as you’re planning your wedding. Previously we looked at:

Today we’re starting a new topic:

Q3: I don’t think I can afford a wedding video. Can you help me?

A: We have many brides who call us asking about price. “Your videos are amazing! But…they look so fancy…can I really afford that?” Here at Evermoore Films we offer a variety of payment plans to fit your needs. A deposit and a contract secures your date with and the rest can be paid in various ways: one lump sum at the time of contract, 3 equal payments, or monthly payment plans. Let’s take a look at some basic facts and figures.

Assuming your wedding is in 6 months and you put down a deposit of $750 you can get…

A package that is $6,000 for $875/month.
A package that is $5,000 for $710/month.
A package that is $4,000 for $545/month.
A package that is $3,000 for $375/month.

Assuming your wedding is in 1 year and you put down a deposit of $750 you can get…

A package that is $6,000 for $440/month.
A package that is $5,000 for $355/month.
A package that is $4,000 for $270/month.
A package that is $3,000 for $190/month.

Now remember, these are all cinematography prices. If that’s still just not going to work, don’t let that stop you from getting a video of your wedding day! Hire a videographer! What might their prices be?

Assuming you put down a deposit of $500 you can get…

A package that is $2,000 for $250/month – 6 months from your wedding
A package that is $2,000 for $125/month – 1 year from your wedding
A package that is $1,000 for $85/month – 6 months from your wedding
A package that is $1,000 for $45/month – 1 year from your wedding

Now your videographer might not be able to allow monthly payments, but it’s great to know these facts and figures for your own saving purposes! And in the most extreme case where even a videographer just can’t be squeezed into your budget, yes, we hate to say this…but…grab an iPhone, ask a friend, grab a stranger (well, okay, not really), but make sure you get SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. Your wedding day happens once in a lifetime so think about these special memories from a long-term point of view.

Fun Fact: Let’s say you just turned 20 and you decide to start saving money towards your own wedding someday – you set aside $50/month out of your paycheck. When you’re 21 you meet a guy and start dating. Two years later, you’re 23 and he proposes. You set the date for just after your 24th birthday. How much money do you have in the bank for your wedding video fund from the past 5 years? $3,000. Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, it’s possible. Start saving now!

Fun FUN Fact: Assume the above scenario…but your hubby-to-be starts saving his money too. If he saved $50/month out his paycheck starting when he was 20, meets you when he’s 23, proposes at 25 and gets married just after his 26th birthday, how much money will HE have saved up ALSO toward your wedding? $4,200! That’s a total of $7,200 saved at just $50/month between the two of you!

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“Why Should I Hire a Professional Cinematographer?”

Frequently Asked Wedding Video Questions #2

We’re continuing our “Wedding Education” mini-series of Wedding Video FAQs for brides and grooms who are looking for information on wedding videos, what to look for, how to ask the right questions, and who to hire.

Recently, we looked at “What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography?“. We learned that no matter what vocabulary you use, it’s really about the style of the final product. Focus on the quality, not on what they call themselves.

Today, we’ve got another question to consider…

Q2: I have a friend or family member who has a cool camera, so I can save on budget if I hire them. Why should I hire a professional cinematographer?

A: When a cinematic wedding video is way out of a bride’s budget, we understand. If your only option is a friend or family member (for this article we’ll lump it together as “friend”) then by all means, have them record something rather than having nothing!

But if you’re not sure, just want to save money, or don’t know who else to ask, there are some important factors about professional cinematographers that you may want to consider before making a decision you regret.

1. A professional cinematographer has the advantage of experience. They’ll know how to stay focused and won’t get distracted by friends or family they know personally. They won’t feel bad for missing out on the emotional aspect of the day because they’ll be too busy “working.” Remember, you’re hiring a professional to do a job, not to hang out.

2. A professional cinematographer will be prepared. They’ll have a shot list in mind to make sure they don’t forget anything important and will have changed the batteries in time so they don’t miss the first kiss. Having done many different types of weddings and been in many different types of situations, they’ll know how to handle last-minute changes and adapt for day-of emergencies.

3. A professional cinematographer is organized. They’ll remember who you are and what your desires are for a wedding film. They won’t forget their cameras and they’ll have a game-plan no matter what the situation is or how it changes on the day. Since they’re experienced and prepared, they’ll know typically how much time it takes for each event to keep you on schedule for the day.

4. A professional cinematographer is reliable. You’ll get what you expect when you expect it. Whether that’s communication on “day one” or finishing their deadline on time, you’ll know you can count on them and you won’t have one more person to track down. Their quality of work will be predictably consistent – not boring, but reliably professional, creative, and an accurate representation of your day!

5. A professional cinematographer has invested money and time in buying the right equipment and knowing how to use it. They will know the in’s and out’s of their gear and how to be creative with it to make a unique video just for you. Staying reasonably up-to-date on equipment will ensure a pristine image and audio quality that will last for years to come.

Let your friends enjoy the day, not worry about filming it. Save a friendship and hire a professional!

Fun Fact: A quick definition search online will tell you that the word Professional refers to someone who is “extremely competent…experienced…qualified…skillful…polished…sharp…efficient”.

Frequently Asked Wedding Video Questions #2 | Evermoore Films

“What is the Difference Between Wedding Videography and Wedding Cinematography?”

Frequently Asked Wedding Video Questions #1

Planning a wedding can be difficult, time-consuming, and just plain confusing! One thing you know you want is a wedding video, but you’re not sure where to look, what questions to ask, and who to hire. We’re releasing a mini-series of frequently asked wedding video questions that will help you in your research and hopefully you’ll find this information helpful. We call it “Wedding Education”. Here are a few of the questions we’ll be covering:

  • What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography?
  • Why should I hire a professional cinematographer?
  • I don’t think I can afford a wedding video. Can you help me?
  • Why should I hire a company that does only video and not a video/photo combo?
  • Why should I hire Evermoore Films?

Watch for each new Video FAQ blog post and perhaps maybe you’ll realize that a video is one thing you can’t do without in your wedding budget.

Let’s get started!

Q1: What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography?

A: When researching wedding videos and wedding films and wedding highlight films and every other sort of hashtag related to a moving wedding picture, you may notice the silent war between wedding videography and wedding cinematography.

Wedding videography typically leans toward the traditional way of doing things – the way it’s been done for years. It’s more of a documentary-style approach to filming an event. The videography style is simple and the editing is usually basic. Videography takes far less time than cinematography and thus is priced lower.

Wedding cinematography is the more modern approach of a cinematic movie. Highly polished, color-corrected, and tweaked to perfection, this is a higher quality of video that is more entertaining to watch (and re-watch). It’s not just a documentation of your day, it tells the unique story of your wedding day.

Whereas wedding videography is essentially a camera on a tripod, wedding cinematography brings out additional tools like steadicams, sliders, off-camera lighting, etc. The editing process of a “cinematic film” is very tedious and time consuming but produces a superior product over standard videography.

Reality check. The terms “videography” and “cinematography” get thrown around a lot so instead of focusing on what someone calls themselves, focus on the quality of the work they produce.

Fun Fact: We started out as videographers ourselves, but in the last several years have become experienced cinematographers. We call it ‘changing with the times’. What exactly is a cinematographer? Stay tuned for Wedding Video FAQ Blog #2!

Frequently Asked Wedding Video Questions #1 | Evermoore Films