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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect | Wedding Speech Tip #60 | Evermoore Films |Practice your speech in front of a mirror, you want to make sure you look great during your speech. Nerves can look like a frown, so practice smiling! |


We’re re-releasing our Evermoore Wedding Speech Tip #60 as a reminder to practice your speech before you show up to the wedding reception! The brother of the groom gave a wonderful speech at Joseph and Katherine’s wedding and we can tell he at least thought ahead if not practiced what to say before getting in front of the mic. Why? Because he was prepared, had a clear point he wanted to get across, and wanted to say something specific to the bride and groom! It’s this kind of thought and preparation that will make a film something worth remembering.

We loved hearing about the character of Joseph and how he had been an awesome big brother growing up and how he was now in charge of taking care of Katherine for the rest of his life. It’s these unique aspects of each couple that video can capture for you to remember for a lifetime. Joseph and Katherine were thankful that their bridal party and parents had prepared special speeches for their wedding reception, and by those smiles we could tell everyone was having a great time! Listen to each of the wonderful speeches at their wedding and see how each toast weaved together to create a beautiful wedding film…




Starring Actor: Joseph
Starring Actress: Katherine

Film ProducerEvermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua & Emily Moore
Wedding PlannerKatie Camp Soiree 
PhotographyCarissa from Carissa Cady Photography and Kayla from California Creative Photography
DJDavez Not Here
Officiant: Father Perry
Rentals: Walker-Lewis Rents
TransportationLimousine Scene
Catering: Moo Creamery
CakeMoo Creamery
Floral DesignCJ’s Greenery
TuxedosMen’s Wearhouse 
Bridal DressLadies & Gents Bridal
JewelerAmerican Jewelry Company & Roco’s Jewelry
Hair StylistHair by Carleen
Makeup ArtistMorgan Devaney
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Ceremony VenueSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church of Bakersfield
Reception Venue: Private Residence
Location: Bakersfield, California



Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing business promo videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.



You Have a Their Attention | Speech Tip

Captive Audience | Wedding Speech Tip #59 | Evermoore Films | Now is the time you can tell everyone how much you love the bride and groom. They want to hear what you have to say, so make it memorable. |


It’s your time to shine! Or rather, it’s your time to tell all the wedding guests what makes the bride and groom shine!

Now that you have the microphone, use this opportunity to share your love for the happy couple. Recount special memories, give loving advice and encouragement, and just brag on them a little! Everyone at the reception is happy to be there and wants to hear what you have to say.

So go ahead, shed the light on why these two are so special. It was obvious throughout the whole day and particularly in their toasts how just how special Elliot and Danessa are to their friends and family. We hope as you watch their video that you are inspired in writing your own speech.




Starring Actor: Elliot
Starring Actress: Danessa 

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematographer: Joshua Moore
Coordinator: Melinda Westfahl
Photographer: Austin Thomas Photo
DJ: Aaron’s DJ Services 
Officiant: Michael Westfahl

Hair Stylist: Alivia Daniels from Revive Salon
Makeup Artist: Alivia Daniels from Revive Salon
Dress Brand: Tadashi Shoji
Tuxedos: The Black Tux
Ring Shop: Heidi Gibson Designs 

Florist: White Oaks Florist 
Best Party Rentals
Kevin Rush Entertainment

Catering: Los Mejores Tacos Catering
Bakery: Gimme Some Sugar Cakes

Wedding Venue: Bakersfield Museum of Art
Location: Bakersfield, California 

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.

Don’t Let Your Phone Interfere With Your Speech | Speech Tip

Phone Interference | Wedding Speech Tip #58 | Sometimes paper is best. Using your phone during your speech can cause interference with the sound system. Plus, paper can’t go dead right before you get up! |

There are many good reasons not to use your phone during your speech. One very good reason is that holding your phone next to the microphone while giving your speech can create interference or “hiccups” with the DJ’s sound system. It can also unexpectedly go dead if you forget to charge the battery. When you give a speech, print it out on paper. That way you won’t forget what you want to say, and your speech will ring out loud and clear. Watch Eric and Jennifer’s highlight film for examples of some great speeches!


Starring Actor: Eric
Starring Actress: Jennifer

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematography: Joshua Moore & Marteen Arredondo
Venue Coordinator: Kim Walker
Photography: Gwen Corona Photography
DJEpic Entertainment
Photo BoothEpic Entertainment

Hair Stylist: Twist Salon
Makeup Artist: Krystal McGee
Dress ShopDavid’s Bridal
Tuxedos: Jos A Bank
Ring Shop: Roger’s Jewelry

Floral Design: La Flor

Catering: Foremost
Cake: Paper Cake Events

Venue: Tooth and Nail Winery
Location: Paso Robles, California

“The Spectacular Quiet” by Lights & Motion courtesy of Musicbed
“I Do” by Luke Moselyy courtesy of Soundstripe
“Memory” by Joel Slabach courtesy of Soundstripe
Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer courtesy of Songfreedom

Raise Your Glasses | Wedding Speech Tip

Raise Your Glasses| Wedding Speech Tip #57 | Evermoore Films |Remeber to ask the guests to raise their glasses as you propose a toast at the end of your speech. A toast is not a toast without a sip! |

Just like you need to Create Suspense in your speech by not raising your glass until you are ready to toast, don’t forget to actually raise your glass! When giving a speech at a wedding reception, ask the guests to raise their glasses to toast to the bride and groom as you make your final wishes. It’s great to hear the speeches, but a toast isn’t a toast if you don’t take a sip.

Create Suspense In Your Toast | Wedding Speech Tip

Create Suspense | Tip #56


Today, we would like to give you one more tip to help your speech be the best it can be. Create suspense by waiting to raise your glass until you are at the end of your toast. Feel free to talk and use your hands while you talk, and when you’re finished raise your glass for the final toast of good wishes to the newlywed couple. This may seem like a trivial detail, but the guests will be more likely to hear the entire speech if they are listening for you to say “And now, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses…” Jessie and Ana’s guests knew exactly when it was time to say cheers, as directed by their toasters! Watch their video for inspiration on how to give a speech:



Starring Actor: Jessie
Starting Actress: Ana

Photography: Gina Escamilla 
DJ: Kevin Rush 
Coordinator: Fairy Godmother
Florist: Irasema Flowers 
Band: Mariachi San Marcos
Ceremony Venue: St Francis
Reception VenueBakersfield Marriott
Cinema: Evermoore Films

Oceans” by Kim Edwards courtesy of The Music Bed



Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.

Seek Feedback | Wedding Speech Tip

Seek Feedback | Speech Tip #55 | Evermoore Films

“Hey, Bob that toast was great!” “I had forgotten about that story, it made me laugh so hard I cried,” “ I loved hearing their love story from your perspective”, “ I didn’t know she knew how to tap dance,” “that was the BEST”. How will the wedding guests receive your speech? How well did you do? How can you improve for the next wedding you are in? Because even if you first speech was a hit we all know copy and paste really isn’t an option for your next speech.

If you have been asked to give a speech at a wedding reception or have recently given one, consider getting helpful feedback. Two heads are better than one and trusted friends and family can give you ideas for the next time. Whether you are the best man, maid of honor, one of the wedding party or perhaps the bride or groom yourself it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. We suggest asking someone to let you know you both how you did well and how you can improve for the next time. Ask family and friends but also feel free to ask your wedding planner, DJ, or cinematographer who have heard many a wedding toast and would be happy to offer a word or two of advice and encouragement.

The guests at Jake and Brittany’s reception had great things to say about the speeches. Watch their highlight video to hear the speeches.


Groom: Jake
Bride: Brittany

Producer: Evermoore Films
Joshua Moore & Roman Flores
Ashley dePencier Photography
DJ: AllSound Music Entertainment
Transportation: Bakersfield Carriages
Cake: Sweet Surrender
Catering: Cesar’s Deli
Dress: Enchanted Bridal Boutique
Dress Alterations: Sew Elegant Bridal Viels & Alterations
Flowers: Elizabeth Bledseau

Venue: Park Place Special Events
Location: Shafter, California

“Tall Tales” by Human Pyramids courtesy of The Music Bed


Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.