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Final Fitting

Schedule the final fitting close to the wedding date |


One of the first and most exciting appointments a newly engaged bride-to-be schedules is dress shopping! Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is so fun, so important, and really starts setting the style of your wedding. Is it going to be a princess wedding? A romantic wedding? A boho chic wedding? A themed wedding like Beauty and the Beast or Disney in general? Is it going to be traditional? Modern? Vintage? Country? Oh the possibilities are endless, and going with your mother, mother-in-law, girlfriends, bridesmaids, and entire bridal entourage to the wedding dress shop is such a fun way to begin the wedding festivities! It starts with the dress, but don’t forget it ends with the dress too! Unless you buy a dress straight off the shelf and take it somewhere else to be altered, you usually need to wait months until the dress is sewn and ready to be fitted. A minimum of one fitting is absolutely necessary, but most seamstresses recommend or require two or three! Keep in mind that the last few weeks and especially days before the wedding will be oh so full of all kinds of last minute details, decision, parties, and friends and family stopping by to say hello and send in gifts, so you’ll need to be careful to guard some down-time for your final dress fitting besides time to keep sane and relax! Schedule the final fitting as close as possible to your wedding date, be sure to Sit Down and make sure the dress isn’t too long (the front of the dress not touching the floor so you don’t trip) and of course make sure that you can breathe! Looking for more advice about finding the perfect dress and what to do now that you’ve found it?

Call up some of our friends at local bridal shops and they’d be happy to help!

Ladies and Gents Bridal

Enchanted Bridal Boutique

David’s Bridal

Or call Mary Rita at Sew Elegant and design your dress with her from scratch!

HillaryJane looked absolutely stunning in her dress – the perfect one that was just perfect for her! We know Roman agreed, as you can see in their wedding highlight film below…





Starring Actor: Roman
Starring Actress: HillaryJane

Film ProducerEvermoore Films
Cinematographers: Joshua & Emily Moore
Film Editor: Joshua Moore
Coordinator: Sarah Zervis
PhotographyJonah & Lindsay Long
DJDJ Aslan
Officiant: Steve Swartz
Ceremony Prelude: Antoine Bradford
Ceremony Live Music: Darren Wiebe & Samuel Moore
RentalsBest Party & Event Rentals
CateringHodel’s Country Dining & Gutierrez Family
Cake: Tarryn
Floral Design: Staci Woodward
Fire Dancer: Bryan Sadler
TuxedosMen’s Wearhouse
Bridal DressGalina – David’s Bridal
AlterationsSew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations
JewelerJared The Galleria Of Jewelry
Bride Hair Stylist & Makeup ArtistMaribel – Serenity
Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Gillian Townsley & Brighton Prentice

Venue: Private Residence
Location: Bakersfield, California

“Hand in Hand” by Shawn Williams from The Music Bed
When I’m With You – Instrumental” by Analog Heart from The Music Bed


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Sweets Upon Sweets

Wedding Guests always love a good sweets table! |


Here’s a fun tip for brides and grooms planning their wedding! Think about your wedding guests. Think about the wedding from their experience. No, the day isn’t all about them, but you do want to be courteous and take care of them because…after, all…they ARE family and friends! Find the balance between going all-out, over-the-top and just plain ignoring and neglecting them. You shouldn’t ignore your guests, but you don’t have to make the day all about impressing them either.

So for today’s wedding day tip, we’d like to suggest a fun way to think about your guests and show them you care about them while at the same time providing some fun and sweets for yourself too! Organize (or hire out) a sweets table! We’ve seen this done ALL KINDS of ways: a sweets table, a trail mix bar, a table of h’ordeuvres…choose your preference, but provide some type of delicious snack for your guests — especially if it’s a long day with a large gap of time for photos or a break in the middle of the reception for sunset photos, or just to keep the party going!

Mitchell & Angela had the sweetest table set up that perfectly matched her gold and pink wedding colors. It was fun, it was whimsical, and it was inviting to the wedding guests. What a sweet way to say thanks as wedding favors, to take a bag home of JUST the goodies you like! And speaking of Mitchell and Angela…well…we just can’t not share their video along with this tip so hop with us back in time by clicking on the link below!

Visit for the full story or click the video below to watch their film:



Starring Actor: Mitchell
Starring Actress: Angela

Film Producer: Evermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore & Roman Flores
Film Editor: Joshua Moore
Coordinator: Fairy Godmother
Photographer: Austin Thomas Photo
DJ: Freestyle Entertainment

Makeup Artist: Evelyn Ramirez
Seamstress: Sew Elegant Bridal Veils & Alterations
Florist: Flower Bar
Rentals: It’s Your Party Rentals

Bakery: De Coeur Bake Shop
Caterer: Too Fat Sandwiches

Preps Venue: The Padre
Wedding Venue: Junior League of Bakersfield
City: Bakersfield, California

My Love Will Never Fail You” by Marie Hines courtesy of MusicBed

This tip is part of our Wedding Day Tip series, which helps brides and grooms think of ideas when planning their wedding. There are so many details, so the earlier the better to get started! Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing corporate promotional videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.


Flower Bouquets at 90 Degrees | Wedding Day Tip

The 90 degree rule for wedding bouquets - make sure your flowers don't hide your dress! |


Today we’re back at the flowers. It’s true. It’s sooooo true. There are so many details to a wedding day. And, too, there are so many different ideas, traditions, and formalities that you need to decide upon – which things to do, which things to not do, which things to include, which things to not include. Wedding flower bouquets are almost always a must no matter what type of wedding you have. With the small exceptions of DIY paper flowers or, as the new trend has it these days, puppies, most brides and bridesmaids walk down the aisle carrying a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, coordinating to their outfits and the day’s festivities.

So the question isn’t “To hold or not to hold?” and it isn’t “Hydrangeas or roses?” but rather “HOW do I hold my flowers?” Having been a bride myself once upon a time and having also carried many other bride’s bouquets out on cinema shoots, I can tell you from first experience that most bridal bouquets can get quite heavy at times, as beautiful as they are! So unless you’re walking down with a single rose or a small bunch of lavender or unless you’ve done your reps and your biceps can handle anything, then remember this tip on your wedding day: in order to see your LOVELY wedding gown and in order to have everyone looking symmetrical for photos, be sure all the ladies know what height to hold your flower bouquets at. Most florists and photographers will tell you “90 degrees. Hold your flowers at 90 degrees!” With a heavy bouquet, you’ll be tempted to either drop it to your side, which is of course fun for posed bridal party photos after the ceremony, or you’ll be tempted to hold it too high, covering your dazzling bodice or at times quite hiding behind the petals altogether! So think 90 degrees – not wishing for a hot summer day – but to keep your flowers AND your dress looking gorgeous and ready for photos and video! If for some reason you don’t choose 90 degrees, then pick a “look” or an angle that all the bridesmaids can easily remember for beautiful consistent wedding day images all day!

Chelsey did a perfect job carrying her flower bouquet down the aisle on her wedding day. She didn’t hold it too high and she didn’t hold it too low. As Goldilocks would say, “She carried it just right!” Imagine Nathan’s joy as he saw his bride-to-be walk down the aisle, beaming with smiles, holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! This is exactly what he did see and we’ll keep Nathan’s reaction a surprise until you watch “The Perfect Catch” and see for yourself!




Starring Actor: Nathan
Starring Actress: Chelsey

Film ProducerEvermoore Films 
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore & Ricardo Santoyo
Film Editor: John Hamlin & Joshua Moore
PhotographerDarling Nikki Photography
DJKevin Rush Entertainment
Officiant: Pastor Kenny Hoffman
Photo BoothTap Snap 1185

Tailor: Men’s Wearhouse
Dress Shop: Enchanted Bridal Boutique 
Bakersfield Tailoring and Bridal Alterations

Hair Stylist: Cathelene Chavez
Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Vigstrom

FloristFlower Bar

Lighting: Kevin Rush Entertainment 

CateringToo Fat Sandwiches
BakeryTastries Bakery

VenuePark Place Special Events
TransportationThe Limousine Scene
Location: Shafter, California

City on Fire” by Tyler Batts courtesy of MusicBed
All Night Long” by Umphy courtesy of MusicBed



Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.

The Soundtrack

Think about what music you want for your wedding! |


Since you have months to plan, why not plan the details? Today we’re talking about the music details, the soundtrack. There are lots of songs to think about for your wedding day. You’ve got…

  1. Getting ready in the morning with the girls (guys might have a football game instead of a iTunes playlist)
  2. Prelude music or musicians while the guests are taking their seats
  3. Processional music
  4. Unity ceremony background music
  5. Special songs or performances during the wedding ceremony
  6. Recessional music
  7. Driving in the car music from one location to another (instead of listening to the radio!)
  8. Reception music for when your guests arrive before you
  9. Grand Entrance music to the wedding reception
  10. Father-Daughter Dance music
  11. Mother-Son Dance music
  12. First Dance music
  13. Special songs or performances during the wedding reception
  14. Dance party music to the end of the night

Like we said, there’s A LOT to think about! Overwhelmed? Try this idea: grab your calendar and circle your wedding day (if you haven’t already!) Then go back one Saturday. Write down Number 14, and on that day decide what that one song or playlist is going to be. Then go back one more Saturday and write down Number 13, and keep going until you got back to Number 1. That way you have 14 weeks to make ALL of these decisions – doesn’t sound so bad, right? If you don’t WANT to make all those decisions yourself, enlist help! Grab your bridesmaids and assign certain sections to each one, especially the playlists. Either way, you’ll need to think ahead because almost every single one WILL need a soundtrack whether you think about it or not!

Adrian & Rosario knew their soundtrack. They had everything planned before the wedding and everyone loved the musical choices. They even hired a live band AND a mariachi group to come in for their wedding reception as an extra treat! Enjoy their wedding highlight film below:




Starring Actor: Adrian
Starring Actress: Rosario

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematography: Joshua Moore & Ricardo Santoyo
Coordinator: Alma & Eugenia
Photography: Shelli Renee Weddings
DJ: DJ Harvey
Officiant: Father Raul
Live Music: Grupo-Balazzo, Mariachi San Marcos, & Melissa Waldrop 

Hair Stylist: Jana Maes 
Makeup Artist: Jana Maes 
Dress Brand:
 Eve of Milady 
Dress Shop: Panache Beverly Hills 
 Men’s Wearhouse 
Ring Shop: Helzburg Diamonds

Florist: Manuel Jimenez 

Catering: Party Palace Reception Hall
Cake: Cakes by Karen

Ceremony Venue: St. John’s Evangelist Church
Ceremony Location: Wasco, California
Reception VenueParty Palace Reception Hall
Reception Location: Bakersfield, California

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri Courtesy of Songfreedom

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.

Not A Worry | Wedding Day Tip

Not a Worry | Wedding Day Tip 074 | Evermoore Films | Hire a Wedding Planner to handle the nitty- gritty details of your wedding day. Let them take care of things so you and your family can relax and enjoy the day!


So who’s going to run to the store and grab extra bags of ice in the morning of your wedding? Or who’s going to keep track of where the groom is so he’s ready for the First Look? Who’s going to tell the grandmother of the bride when to start walking down the aisle? Or who’s going to light the candles on time and signal to the DJ that the bridal party is ready for their Grand Entrance? And who’s going to clean up everything after the party guests have left?

Now how about this one, who’s going to help you design the reception table layout? Who knows who’s who in the wedding vendor world locally and stays up to date on who offers what services?Who can make those important phone calls to set up meetings and finalize details? And who can help you stay under budget and still plan the wedding of your dreams? Who will be there with an extra box of tissues during toasts?

There are a lot of different terms out there, but a here’s a few that come to mind: wedding coordinator, day-of coordinator, wedding planner, event producer, wedding designer, event coordinator, event planner…and perhaps more! But the bottom line is this: you can’t do it alone! You’ll need help!

We recommend hiring a professional wedding planner/coordinator who can smooth away the details and emergencies of the day. Always be sure to know what you’re getting into with who you hire, though, because not everyone offers all the services. Some businesses offer just set-up and tear-down help. Others will coordinate the procession. Some people offer to set up the decor, namely the reception (and sometimes ceremony) details while others are ready at your side all day to help with emergencies and errands. Some coordinators offer packages that help with the wedding month while others will be there from the day of your engagement till the end if you need them. Stop and think abut your needs, your wants, and know who you’re hiring and who you’re not. If you can’t afford to hire out ALL those jobs, be sure to enlist help of friends and family. The last thing you’ll want to do on your wedding night is to be stuck at the venue until 1am in your wedding dress cleaning up the party mess from your guests, not know what rental pieces go to whom and when the deadline is for the tux rental. Yikes! Hire a coordinator and ask detailed questions about what services they provide. Plan everything ahead on paper so there won’t be any unwanted surprises on the day of your wedding. Then, since you did your homework, relax and let your friends, family, and vendors take over and just enjoy the first day being married to the love of your life!

Clint and Stacey knew they needed a Wedding Planner for their special day and they absolutely loved Colleen from Fairy Godmother! Here’s a small snippet of their day, planned with the help of a Wedding Planner…



Starring Actor: Clint
Starring Actress: Stacey

Film Producer: Evermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographer: Joshua Moore
Film Editor: Joshua Moore
Event Producer: Fairy Godmother
Photographer: Boone & Stacie Weddings
Photo Booth:
Boone & Stacie Weddings
DJ: Freestyle Entertainment

Dress: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Sun Country Flowers
Rentals: Walker-Lewis Rentals

Catering: Hodel’s Country Dining
Bakery: Rosie’s Cakes

Wedding Venue: Private Residence
Location: Shafter, California


Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing corporate promo videos and cinematic wedding films to Kern County and beyond.

Schedule for Bridal Party Photos | Wedding Day Tip

Bridal Party Photos | Wedding Day Tip 073 | Evermoore Films | Plan time in your schedule before or after the ceremony to take pictures with your entire bridal party. Make room for 15-30 minutes in your schedule. |


There are so many memories you will want to capture on film during your wedding day. There are so many important people in your life that will be at your wedding, don’t forget to get pictures of them!

When planning your wedding schedule with your wedding photographer, plan a time to take bridal party photos. Decide what works best for you in your wedding day schedule, either after the ceremony, or even before the ceremony if the bride and groom do a first look. Whatever the rest of your wedding day schedule looks like, you won’t want to forget to take pictures of you and your bridal party. Also, plan out where you want to take photos. At your ceremony venue, reception venue, or another place entirely. See our tip on extra photo locations More Photos for ideas. Don’t forget, scheduling with your wedding planner, photographer, and cinematographer (and of course your bridal party) ensures you don’t miss anything and keeps everyone on the same page.

Elliot and Danessa planned photo time with their bridal party on their wedding day. Their beautiful outdoor wedding was the perfect setting for capturing the memories that they will share with friends and families for a lifetime.




Starring Actor: Elliot
Starring Actress: Danessa 

Producer: Evermoore Films
Cinematographer: Joshua Moore
Coordinator: Melinda Westfahl
Photographer: Austin Thomas Photo
DJ: Aaron’s DJ Services 
Officiant: Michael Westfahl

Hair Stylist: Alivia Daniels from Revive Salon
Makeup Artist: Alivia Daniels from Revive Salon
Dress Brand: Tadashi Shoji
Tuxedos: The Black Tux
Ring Shop: Heidi Gibson Designs 

Florist: White Oaks Florist 
Best Party Rentals
Kevin Rush Entertainment

Catering: Los Mejores Tacos Catering
Bakery: Gimme Some Sugar Cakes

Wedding Venue: Bakersfield Museum of Art
Location: Bakersfield, California 

Evermoore Films is a video production company based in Bakersfield, California, providing cinematic wedding films and corporate promo videos to Kern County and beyond.