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What Clients Have Said
DeWalt Corporation

“You do fantastic work Josh. Thanks for all the time you and your team have spent and all the attention to detail. We love the drone shots as it makes you feel like you’re seeing what we see daily and also we love the smiling faces as it makes us seem approachable.”

  • Toni Tongco | DeWalt Corporation | Promo Video | 2-26-16
Dorner Family Vineyard

“Thank you Evermoore Films for the outstanding video you made for us! This video is an integral part of our advertising for new clients: brides and grooms. We have booked brides from as far away as Australia simply because they were able to tour the venue via the video. Thank you again for an excellent job.

  • Michele Dorner | Dorner Family Vineyard | Virtual Video Tour


Heritage Oak School

 “We are super pleased with the video as is. Thanks so much for such awesome work! SUPER PLEASED! :-)…Thank you so much, Joshua! I can’t wait to show the video…they will be so amazed! I look forward to working with you again in the future. :-)”

  • Amy Walker | Heritage Oak School | Promo Video | 12-1-15

Freestyle Event Services

“It looks good. Thanks again! Looks great.”

  • Mark Perry | Freestyle Event Services | Promo Video | 8-5-15

“It was perfect!! Thanks so much!!”

  • Jared Perry | Freestyle Event Services | Nestle Countdown Video (Private Video) | 1-21-16

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

“We have had the pleasure of working with Josh and his team for about five years. They are always looking for new and unique ways to tell our brides story through their beautiful film. They taught us what cinematography means, they don’t just video weddings and events they truly tell a story through film!”

  • Colleen Bauer | Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

“We talk to all of our couples about getting a cinematographer for their special day. We have worked with Josh and his team for years. Their work is amazing, every video is carefully and thoughtfully put together with care, paying attention to every detail. They are so quiet while filming – you almost don’t know they are there. They work well with the photographers during all aspects of the wedding and their turn around time is consistent and fast. If you are on the fence about having a cinematographer we at Fairy Godmother Events highly suggest you give Josh a call. You will be glad you did!” 

  • Colleen Bauer | Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company | Yelp Review | 6-28-15

Misty Dameron Photo and Cinema



“I LOVE IT JOSH!!! Thank you so much for all the changes, they look fantastic. That’s a wrap. :)”

  • Misty Dameron | Misty Dameron Photography & Cinema | Promo Video | 9-23-15

Porterville Unified School District


“The video was a big hit in San Diego and we love overview all our programs highlighted on one video.” 

  • Mimi Schuler | Porterville Unified School District | “A Pathway Student: Who Am I?” Promo Video | 3-14-16

“Outstanding work with APA. All the videos look great….Thank you for all of your dedicated work.”

  • Ruben Alvarez | Porterville Unified School District | AERO & APA Promo Video | 10-28-15

“The Internship is another great video we’ll be adding to our library.  I LOVE IT and feel our hard work really paid off here! Thank you again!!”

  • Mimi Schuler | Porterville Unified School District | Internship Program Promo Video | 9-5-14

“We are so pleased with the message and beauty of this video. You captured our showcase in a way that we are proud to share as we mentor other districts joining the pathway model.”

  • Mimi Schuler | Porterville Unified School District | Pathway Showcase Video | 1-14-14

“We know that you understand our mission and will capture our work and message in the highest quality.”

  • Mimi Schuler | Porterville Unified School District | Student Career Presentation Video | 8-15-13

AllSound Music Entertainment


“Absolutely the best experience! We have received so many compliments on our ASM promo video. From the advice to patience and direction… All top notch. We’re extremely happy with our 1st primo video as we plan to add video stories for all other aspects of AllSound Music. Of course with the help and direction of Josh & Emily at Evermoore! Thank u friends. Be blessed. JC & Anthony Cota ASM.”
  • JC Cota | Promo Video | 7-11-16