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The Punchline | Wedding Speech Tip #36 | Evermoore Films | Don't forget to explain inside jokes so everyone else can share the humor. There's nothing like trying to laugh at a joke you don't understand.


We all love stories and jokes at a wedding. But it’s no fun to listen to a joke and not laugh or not “get it.” So as you’re preparing your wedding speech, be sure to explain yourself a little. Give the context of the story or a little background history and help all members of the audience participate in the fun. In this tip, Haley’s bridesmaid retold a cute moment of when Jean-Luc walked in the room and Haley’s face just lit up at the sight of him. To have these memories and these stories on film is a precious thing to keep for the future! Trust us, in 50 years you’ll be so thankful you have the opportunity to remember this day!

Jean-Luc and Haley lacked no joy on their wedding day. Surrounded by friends and family, they loved listening to the wedding speeches – both serious and humorous. Now, because they invested in a wedding film, they can go back in time and relive these precious memories from their wedding highlight film as well as their wedding full-length documentary film. Congrats, Jean-Luc and Haley, on your beautiful wedding!




Starring Actor: Jean-Luc
Starring Actress: Haley

Cinematographer: Evermoore Films
Photographer: Misty Dameron Photography
DJ: Peter Wonderly DJ and Bentley
Hair & MakeupVia Bella Salon

Preps, Ceremony & Reception Venue: Noriega House
Location: Bakersfield, CA