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Hello brides and grooms!

Today we start a new tradition! We’ll be posting wedding tips to help you think of new ideas while planning your wedding. Some old, some new, but all full of fun and cute pictures!

Let’s get started with “Love Letter”.

Love Letter | Wedding Tips 001 | Evermoore Films

Love letters are such a personal way to make your wedding video special. Not only is it a great memory to have – writing a letter one last time to your soon-to-be-spouse, but it also makes super great audio content for your wedding video. We love to incorporate your personal story into your film and this is one of the ways we do it!

Plan ahead to buy a card and write a few special thoughts about each other. Practice reading it out loud so you can hear your voice and imagine how it will sound recorded or played in a video like this one:

Keep your ears perked for more Love Letter content in our other videos and happy wedding planning!