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Here are some frequently asked questions we get about corporate videos that you might be asking too… 

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Corporate FAQ

That’s a great question, and we offer both options. If you already know exactly what you need and how to do it, you have a script and a shot list, and you just need someone to show up with a camera and hit record and then edit your video together, we can definitely do that. If you are looking for someone to help you figure out what videos you need to make, what approach is best, how to be effective with using the video, and how to make it all happen, then we are ready help. With over a decade of experience in producing business videos we understand how to help our clients achieve results with video at any level of involvement.

  • No, we are not a full service marketing agency. We do not make websites, logos, or write your marketing copy. We don’t make t-shirts or swag bags. We work primarily with video marketing.
  • We do make awesome videos from start to finish! We can help you strategize what videos to make, how to make them, and how to use them. We can help you plan out the details for your video shoot and help you polish up your script. We can help you maximize your budget and ROI for a successful video.
  • We can help you with running ads, optimizing your YouTube videos and channel, and most other things related to marketing with video.

We are a team of video professionals. Depending on the complexity and budget of your project, we may send just one videographer. Many projects have a crew of two, and more complicated projects have a larger crew.

Yes! Making a plan to successfully launch your video is just as important as planning out the details of how the video will work in the first place. We’d love to help you plan your video, create your video, and launch your video. Take a look at three tips on how to successfully launch your video. Overwhelmed? We’ll be there every step of the way! https://www.evermoorefilms.com/3-tips-on-how-to-successfully-launch-your-video/

No. All contracts are handled via our online system, but if you prefer to schedule a time to come in person to talk before signing a contract online we can accommodate your request.

TV commercials reach a very wide audience with limited targeting ability. It’s like standing on the street corner with a megaphone…everyone will hear you, but not everyone will care. If you are trying to reach a very specific audience then TV may not be the best choice. If you’re trying to get your message out to as many people as possible, and you know that lots of people will care, then TV may work well for you. A successful TV campaign requires a greater budget than a web-based approach with typical local airtime costs of $1,000-$2,000+ per month, but for some businesses it is highly effective.

Yes, we have often worked under an NDA. Some of our NDAs have been only until the completion of the project, and some agreements have been that we can never say who we worked for or what we did. All the work we have done for publicly traded companies in the agriculture, oil and gas, and food industry have been under NDA, so we can’t share which companies we’ve worked with. If your projects require an NDA we can definitely work with you.

We continue to serve our clients during COVID-19. Our company policy is to comply with the guidelines required for each client’s project. Our studio has a supply of masks and sanitizer available at all times, and our studio is setup for a touch-free filming experience.

Yes! We have a 12-foot white cyclorama wall available to clients that makes for the perfect studio interviews, product shoots, and more. We also have a green screen and other colored backgrounds available. We have a lobby with a live client viewing TV as well as a client friendly editing bay for reviewing footage or client editing sessions. Inquire about using our facilities for your next video project.

Yes! Our studio is located at 5630 District Blvd Suite 112 in Bakersfield, California. We are typically open Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm, but will sometimes be out of office due to on-location shoots and meetings. The best way to reach us is to schedule an appointment to chat on Zoom or in person at our office.

We’ve made heaps of both business videos and wedding videos, and have done both since the founding of the company in 2012. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses from local solopreneurs to publicly traded companies. We are no stranger to the world of producing business videos for both companies and agencies.

Some video companies hide the fact that they do weddings “on the side”, but we aren’t ashamed of our weddings. Our experience with weddings is part of what makes us so good at business videos. Weddings taught us speed, creativity, storytelling, and directing.

Weddings are one of the highest pressure environments to create videos in and teach you how to work quickly while delivering a quality video. There’s no second takes at a wedding so you have to nail it on the first take every time. With business videos we have the luxury of doing another take and perfecting the performance.

Weddings also taught us how to raise the quality of our work and find new creative approaches, when you’re filming at the same venue for the 100th time you get to continue pushing the envelope of creativity and looking for new ways to capture the same scene.

Weddings also taught us how to use emotion in storytelling. We are always looking for ways to combine all the elements of music, scripting, shot selection, and pacing to tell a compelling story. Whether it’s a couple getting married or a business trying to make a sale, understanding how to use emotion to move people to action is a key ingredient to a successful video.

Wedding have also taught us incredible patience for directing and working with people, and helping everyone enjoy the entire process no matter how much or how little experience they have on camera.

Yes! We are FAA Licensed drone pilots who can provide top notch 4K aerial video for your project. We’ve been working with drones since 2010 and bring an understanding of both safety and quality to our clients.

Yes! From a simple single camera to a high-end stream with 4 cameras and multiple audio sources we’ve got you covered.

Yes! We can rush deliver some projects next day or even same-day. We even have the ability to do live editing with up to 4 cameras. Do you have a special rush delivery need? Be sure to mention your deadlines right away in the initial conversation about your video project so we can ensure we will have your video to you by the time you need it.

No. We are happy to recommend someone else if you need help with transfers, but we do not offer this service.

Our studio is located in Bakersfield, California and we primarily serve businesses all around Kern County. We’ve traveled all over California and to other states for projects. If you are out of Kern County and are interested in working with us, we’d be happy to chat about traveling to your location.

A strategy session involves the brainstorming details of your video project, whether that’s one video or an entire video campaign. Strategy is an important and often lacking step in creating videos. This is a crucial stage in the process and success of your video which will help determine the direction of the video and drive pre-production. Without a strategy session (whether that’s internal to your company, done by your marketing agency, or done with your video production company) you could be working hard but not smart and putting a lot of time, effort, and money into something that may or may not work for your business or your clients. We want to create videos that give you a return on your investment and accomplish your goals, and having a strategy is essential.

Post-production is the editing stage of your video that takes place once the filming is complete. This involves everything from dumping footage, making back-ups, and processing footage to editing, making revisions, and getting the final signatures on approval to officially say the video is complete and satisfactory to the client.

Pre-production is the industry term for the planning stage of your video that takes place before we show up with cameras and hit record. Pre-production is where we finalize the script and goals created during the Strategy phase and flesh them into a concrete plan that can be executed on shoot day.

  • Evermoore Films is a team of video professionals who can bring your video vision to life with a professional video at a range of budget levels
  • Evermoore Films was founded by Joshua Moore who has been making videos for companies and organizations since 2003.
  • We specialize in helping small to medium-sized businesses enhance their marketing efforts with video.
  • We also offer white label video production services for larger organizations, marketing agencies, and other production companies. We offer both full video production and filming-only services. We’re familiar with working under non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and work for hire arrangements.
  • We offer post-production services such as editing-only projects.
  • We have the capabilities to do editing, coloring-grading, motion graphics, 3D animation, voiceover services, and sound mixing.
  • We offer HD, 4K, and 6K video production with both DSLRs and cinema cameras. We offer licensed aerial video for drone shots. We use cinema-grade Aputure lighting kits. We have a full sound kit with shotgun mics, lav mics, and wireless mics. Specialty camera rigging in unique environments including underwater video is also available.

Many of our client’s projects only require a crew of 1-2 videographers, but for more involved projects we bring a larger crew. Before your shoot we’ll make sure you know who from our team will be coming.