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Help: How to Update/Claim Your Listing

We recommend that you update your listing every 6-12 months because brides can see when you last updated it.


If you signed up after 9/1/22

How to Update Your Listing


If you’ve ALREADY registered your account in our new system you would have received an email with a password and sign-in link when you registered. Refer back to that email for login details.


You can visit your dashboard to manage and update all your listings


  1. Login to your dashboard here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/dashboard-listings/
  2. Manage/edit all your listings


If you signed up before 9/1/22

How to Register & Claim & Update Your Listing


You will need to REGISTER your account, then you’ll need to CLAIM your listing so that you can update it. Follow the steps below to claim your listing.


  1. Register your free account here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/dashboard-listings-register/
  2. Login to your dashboard here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/dashboard-listings/
  3. Browse for your listing on the directory here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/vendors/
  4. Claim your listing (Click button that says “Is This Your Ad?”)
  5. Fill out the quick claim form
  6. Wait for us to approve your claim, you’ll get an email confirmation
  7. Go to your dashboard and manage your listing here: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/dashboard-listings/


If you don’t know your username or can’t find your signup email you can text us at 661-489-5000