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The Last Letter To Your Fiancé


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What is a love letter?

In the wedding videography world, you’ll hear a common phrase thrown around by videographers, “So make sure there’s time in your schedule for us to film your love letter” or “Don’t forget to buy a card for your love letters on your wedding day” or “Are you interested in writing love letters for your wedding video?” What we’re talking about is the last letter you will write to your fiancé…a very special “I can’t wait to see you” letter that might make them laugh or cry or both at the same time.

Why is a love letter important?

The reason why videographers love it when couples are up for writing love letters is because then it gives the wedding video a little more personal touch, a little more insight into your lives, and a little more reason to get teary and emotional for a sweet, romantic wedding film. You get a chance outside of the ceremony vows to narrate part of your wedding video and you get to give your last parting words to your spouse-to-be before the First Look or before the walk down the aisle. It makes for a great look on the past, a beautiful hope for the future, and something sweet to think about as the clock is ticking down to the ceremony.

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