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In this episode we chat with Kyle Brown from the Kern County Bridal Association who puts on a local Bridal Expo in Bakersfield.

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Ep 7 – The Full Wedding Experience – Kern County Bridal Association

Kyle: And you’re meeting with so many professionals, and you know if you click together or if you don’t. You get to taste the food of these different caterers. You, you get the cake from the different bakers. So you get to experience these different things. You get to take pictures with the photo booth instead of just talking to the guy over the phone and go, okay, I think I understand what you mean by whatever. 

Josh: Welcome to the Evermoore Wedding Vendor Show, where we chat with local wedding vendors. I’m Josh from Evermoore Films, the host of the Evermoore Wedding Vendor Show, also the home of the Evermoore Wedding Vendor Directory, where we have over 1, 000 local wedding vendors listed in the Central California area.

Let’s get into today’s show. Today we are talking to Kyle from the Kern County Bridal Association. Kyle has a wonderful association, he’s been running for a long time, the longest running association. Here in Kern County and he puts on a bridal show and it is the biggest January show that we have in Bakersfield.

So he’s here to talk about his show that is coming up in January and tell us a little bit about that. How are you doing, Kyle? Welcome to the show. 

Kyle: Doing great. And thanks for having me. So. The show. Yes, it is the longest running show. We started our shows in 1996. We’ve done close to 100 shows. So it’s the longest running show.

And we are the only association in Kern County. So that’s great. It’s a nice do a couple shows a year. At one point we were doing three a year. We scaled that back a little bit made them bigger. So this show is the Kern County fairgrounds. It’s the only place big enough to honestly is. To hold all the vendors, the fashion show, and everything that’s going on for this event.

It’s the last Sunday of the month, I think it’s the 29th of January. And we’re shooting towards between 80 and 90 wedding and event professionals. So, and that’s important, event professionals. Because if you’re planning a wedding, of course, you definitely want to be there. You’ve got the fashion show, and the giveaways, and the prizes, and etc, etc.

But what if you’re planning a quinceanera or a birthday party or a summer picnic for your company or any number, a birthday, whatever it might be, this is the place to be. You’re going to find DJs and caterers and venues and cinematographers and coordinators and photo booths. And I can go on with the, the myriad of different vendors that are there to help support your celebration, whatever it might be.

Josh: And it’s, it’s always been the biggest. So I think you know, as a fellow wedding professional, as someone who’s been to a lot of bridal shows both locally and you know, you really do put on the biggest show and that is great. So for, for brides who maybe just got engaged over Christmas and you’re looking for, where do we go to get all this information?

Kyle: You jump on our website, Kern County bridal association. com. It’s right there at the top of the website. So let’s click here for tickets. And the cool part is we have three kinds of tickets available. We’ve got Normal general admission tickets, they get you in the door, very inexpensive, easy as that.

Then if you’re like, no, I’m going for the fashion show. I want to have some extra time with those wedding professionals. I want to have a seat for the fashion show and see the latest gowns and tuxedos and hear the latest music. Right. Then you get the VIP tickets, a little bit more expensive, but not much.

And you’re like, no, I want to be a little bougie. I want front row. You can do that as well. And we have front row VIP tickets. The beauty of VIP and front row VIP is you get in a half hour early. With the event professional. So you get some one on one time because not as many people get those tickets. Of course, you have your own line, your own entrance.

So you get your own entrance in there and there’s a couple of extra prizes and you get a guaranteed bag full of goodies from all the different professionals. So there’s a lot of benefit to being VIP or front row VIP. Of course, front row VIP is very limited because it’s just. The front row. 

Josh: So it’s like the fast pass with perks. 

Kyle: Correct. Fast pass with perks. I like that. One of the other things that’s brand new this year that we’re doing, which is going to be really cool. It’s called cash for contracts. Okay. Like, when was that? Right? Right. What that is, is obviously a lot of the brides who are attending have done some pre interviews with these vendors, and they’re still on the fence and kind of making a decision, but not really sure yet.

Right. But when they get to the show, if they put down a deposit at the show. They bring that to our front desk, so to speak, or, you know, the people when they came and checked in and they show that contract that they paid a deposit, we’re going to put them in a special drawing that is going to be drawn at the show and we are going to pick 4 winners.

And we’re going to pay up to 10 percent or 250 of their contract. So they have a chance to win 10 percent of their contract or up to 250 towards their service. And we’re going to pick four. Now they can’t win more than one if they book have more chances, but I can’t pick them. 3 times in a row, you know,

so it’s just a way to kind of, you know, encourage them to make a decision and to put down the deposit and lock that professional in because.

There’s going to be hundreds of brides there, and somebody’s going to book them. Might as well be you. Block your date off. There’s only so many Saturdays in a year. Oh, yeah. 

Well, and yeah, because I know you and I have both been in this game for a long time. And it comes down to availability. And it comes down to availability.

And if, if a bride says, Hey, we’re getting married, you know, on October 10th, it’s like, well, we know that’s a popular day already. Cause it’s 10, 10, you know, whatever, whatever day of the week that’s on it’s 10, 10, it’s popular, you know, like, so there’s, there’s limited availability. And so it’s like, yeah, if you book at the show, I mean, to have a little extra prize, that’s awesome.

Yeah, exactly. And, and, and be able to save some money and we’re going to do is we’re also going to bring back the bride coupon basically. So you as a vendor might say, look. At the show and for up to 30 days, 15 days, whatever it might be, I’m going to offer this special exclusively for these brides. And it might be a couple hundred bucks off.

It’s an hour of service. It might be whatever it might be. And that’s going to be in a coupon book. That coupon book last time we did it was worth almost 12, 000 in savings between all the different vendors. If you booked. The venue in there, and you booked the videographer, cinematographer in there, and you booked the DJ and the catering, you could save thousands of dollars.

Off your wedding, just by walking in the door. So there you go. Yeah. So we’re bringing that back as well. 

Josh: Nice. So, I mean, I mean right there, it’s like, yeah, the tickets are what, like 10 bucks or something for general admission. 

Kyle: Yeah, exactly. 10 or 15, something like that. I can’t remember right now. Yeah. 

Josh: Less than less than 20 bucks and you can save thousands of dollars just for showing up. That’s a pretty good deal. 

Kyle: And these vendors, and by the way, so vendor wise, here’s what we’re looking at. Yeah. Venues. Vendors. So everything from, you know a backyard or outdoor wedding or the, you know, the museum or something like that to, you know, the country clubs to the hotels private venues on the river, you know, barns and the variety of venues alone is amazing and things you didn’t think of like, Oh, I didn’t think about getting married on the river.

Now, you know, you know, photo booths, the different types of photo booths that are out there. You’ve got your, you’ve got the three 60. You’ve got the mirror. You’ve got all kinds of choices in photo booth photographer. Now you’re looking at personality and their eye. Every photographer has a. Niche of what they do, and you’re looking for the one that kind of captures your spirit and the way that you want, and do you want more of a journalistic photo or do you want more romantic or do you want something in between or candid?

There’s so many different options that having a show where you can meet 3, 4, 5, 6 different photographers gives you an idea, cinematographer, you know what your specialty is. There’s nobody who does what Josh does. There are other cinematographers. Thank you videographers, right? There’s nobody that does the love stories that you do that that takes the time to put the effort in there and they’re going to be able to see that when they come out and they meet with 2 or 3.

And everyone in every category, everyone is unique. Everyone’s got their own take on things and every bride is unique. And they, you know, every couple wants something different, you know, some people want the romantic thing. Some people want the party thing. Some people want this or that. And so, and you know, being able to meet all of these vendors in one place is like, talk about saving you serious time.

Come spend a couple hours, meet 50 to a hundred vendors all at once. And it’s like. That would’ve taken you weeks to try to like set up 

these people. Oh, if, if that, you know, that’s the beauty of it. You’re, you’re in there for three hours, three and a half hours v ip and you’re meeting with so many professionals and you know, if you click or you don’t, you get to taste the food of these different caterers.

Yeah. You get the cake. From the different bakers. So you get to experience these different things. You get to take pictures with the photo booth, instead of just talking to the guy over the phone and go, okay, I think I understand what you mean by whatever. Right. 

Josh: Actually, I mean, it spins around like, 

Kyle: yeah, exactly.

You actually get to get in there and experience it and get a photo or get a video and get it back and go, Oh my gosh, this was amazing. This was so much fun. You know, the limousine, you get to walk by the limousines and go, yeah, we need to show up this way. Or the portable restrooms. I mean, you think, Oh gosh, porta potty.

No, I mean, yes, you can get those, but there are some, nah, I mean, you know, at this bathroom, you know, porta potties that are out there. So you have a wedding at your house. The rental items are endless, you know, from the rental companies that come out. So, and then there’s some unique things that you don’t think about whether it’s insurance, you know, or it’s real estate, or they’re all related to that beginning of your new life together.

Yeah. Yeah. The opportunity is just amazing, right? 

Josh: So for couples who are looking for vendors, what sort of categories of vendors are you, are they going to see at the show? 

Kyle: So venue, caterer, baker, florist, transportation, because that’s more than just limousine, transportation, cinematography. Photography, DJ, possibly a band.

We have a couple of bands that are shown interest in being in the show. Nice wedding officiant. One of the things that I do, the person who’s going to stand up there and actually marry you in front of all your friends and family, the photo booth. Like I said I can’t, there’s just. So many different categories that you find there, then you find your, your one offs, like I call it, you know, the beauty, the makeup, the hair, the fitness, all these things that have dresses, of course, tuxedos, how can we forget, right?

So you’ve got all these different categories you’re getting there and you’re going, Oh, my gosh, it’s all here. So, yeah. Just a few categories covered. Just a few. Yeah. So you said for this show, brides can expect to talk to roughly how many vendors are we planning for? I’m hoping between 70 and 90.

90 is our max that we can actually fit in the building. Okay. And we have had 90 before. We’re hoping between 70 and 80. Give us a little bit of walking room and, and, and the brides. I mean, I have a couple of ideas and I don’t know that these are going to happen yet. But if we don’t sell all the vendor space and believe it or not, I’m kind of hoping not to, I want to have a couple of breakout session areas where some of the different vendors can do a little 10 to 15 minute presentation about.

What to look for when hiring a DJ, a cinematographer, looking for a venue, hiring a caterer, whatever it might be, a bartending service, you know, all those things are going to be there. So that’s one of my plans is to start implementing education as well at the show. So that’s fantastic. 

Josh: Very cool.

Kyle: Yeah. 

Josh: I think one question that couples might have is they think about coming up to a show is like hearing all this, like, okay, this sounds fantastic. There’s going to be a lot of vendors. There’s going to be, you know, hours or, you know, there’s time to talk. There’s a fashion show. So now I’m like, okay, maybe this is a little overwhelming.

What are some tips for navigating the kind of overwhelmingness of this? 

Kyle: First off. Bring your friends, you know, you’re getting overwhelmed. You’re getting all this information. You’re getting excited. Have your mom or your future mother in law have your bridesmaid. You’re made of honor. Have your crew with you supporting you.

They’re giving you advice. They’re pulling you back and pulling your reins in sometimes when you’re just, yes, get this, get this, get this. They’re, they’re, they’re your calming source. So have your tribe with you. That’s one. Two, you are going to do a lot of walking. I know those heels look beautiful and you love wearing them.

Tennis shoes, right? You’re you’re going to, you’re going to get your steps in. I promise you. Right. Number two, number three, this is a fun one actually is labels with your name, email address, wedding date, phone number, your contact information, because the different vendors are having their own giveaways.

And do you want to keep filling out pieces of paper over and over and over and over again? Right. Peel and stick. Peel and stick. So much better. So those are just a few ideas. Bring a camera. Well, of course, everybody’s got a camera with their phone now. Right. Take pictures. Take video. You know, take notes.

You know, I met with Josh and I love his cinematography. I love his style. I definitely want to get with him. I got this card and so she’s got notes now, you know, take notes, you know, do it old school, get a piece of paper and a pen, you know, a little notebook, but you can also do that on your phone again, taking pictures of the gowns or the, or the services you like, you know, get a picture of the booth that way you can look back and go, Oh yeah, that’s right.

This booth here. That’s what I wanted to talk to them. So take pictures by all means and video. So those are my top tips. You know, there’s a thousand other ideas, you know, get there. You know, I wouldn’t say come hungry, but, you know, you are going to eat. And just have fun. This is an experience. It’s, it’s one of the few times that you have this long.

Build up to an amazing experience that you then get to look back on the rest of your life. So enjoy the journey. You know, it’s about that part of it because the day of it’s going to go by so fast. Honestly, not going to remember all the details of the day, but the journey getting there and then reflecting back on the, on the video that was created for you go, Oh my God, I forgot that.

This happened or that, you know, I can create the moments as a DJ, I can get people on the dance floor. I can do all these things. But at the end of the day, if you can’t look back and remember it, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re losing some of that. So it works so well together, you know, having those moments captured.

And the moment’s created that it’s just, it’s amazing. And this is all about the journey before and the adventure after that’s what it’s all about. The moment of the day, it goes by like that. Yes. So fast, you know, and you’re thinking about this and you’re worried about that and you’re trying to accomplish this and you’re trying to call me is that it’s so fast.

It does. And you can look back and enjoy it. Yeah, absolutely. 

Josh: Well, thank you for that Kyle. We’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we’re going to hear some fun stories from Kyle’s time in the wedding industry. 

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Josh: Well, Kyle, I know you’ve been in the wedding industry for a long time. And so you’ve probably got some great stories to share with us. Oh yeah. What comes to mind for you? 

Kyle: So most of my stories actually revert back to my being a DJ, a professional master’s ceremony, right? 

Josh: I’m sure there’s a lot of stories there.

Kyle: Oh my gosh. I got some cautionary tales and I got some just great moments. So I’m going to share probably one of my favorite moments as a DJ. I never knew what was accomplished until it was over with. So there’s an issue with. Alzheimer’s and dementia and stuff like that and people not remembering and being very sedentary and just lost, you know, when they’re an event.

So I had a bride who booked me. This is probably 10 years ago. Okay. To be her DJ. I said, great. That’d be awesome. So what are we doing? And we go through the whole timeline and that’s very important for your master of ceremony. To work with you on the timeline and then share that with your other professionals, but I’m getting off topic, right?

We’re going through all this stuff. And I said, so is your dad going to walk you down the aisle? And she’s like, I don’t know. He has dementia and Alzheimer’s and he’s not really all there. So we have to kind of play it by ear. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping he does, but if not, my brother’s going to jump in and walk me down the aisle.

I said, okay, no problem. Now I know what’s going to happen. Right. Well, that brings the question, father daughter dance. What’s the plan there? She goes, same thing. I’m hoping to get a moment or two with him on the dance floor and we’ll see what happens, but Again, I don’t know what his condition is going to be that day and we’ll see what happens.

So ceremony begins, music begins, he’s seated and stuff like that. And her brother walks her most of the way down the aisle. And then he takes over and takes like three or four steps. And then the brother takes over again and the dad gets seated. And we do the ceremony, go through the whole ceremony, do all that kind of stuff, move on to the reception.

They go off to take pictures, the whole nine yards and for the reception, I’m playing fifties and sixties music, love songs and things like that. There’s a whole curated list of music based on the bride and groom that I play, depending on the event. So I’m playing 50s and 60s music, and I kind of noticed, but I didn’t notice, that the dad is just kind of just, you know, nodding his head a little bit and just going to the music, enjoying the music.

And so I can continue on that vein. I start playing a little bit more of the 50s and 60s stuff and he’s, he’s kind of getting into it. Not a lot. I mean, he’s still kind of, you know, in his shell, but he’s getting into it and. So it comes time for the father daughter dance and She had picked a 50 song to dance their dad.

He gets up and he dances the entire song with her And I learned this later, but what had happened so well first off she goes and says this was The better than my first dance with my husband and anything else. I got an extra three and a half, four minutes with my dad. He was fully, fully present at that moment.

He was there and original self. And it just gives me chills to think about it. But what I learned. Years later, and I enjoyed that like, Oh my God, that was great. I’m glad he came out, you know, not realizing that there was a movie out there called Alive Inside. It’s a documentary and it talks about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I just happened to, these things just, and this doctor had an experiment. He brought the, remember the original iPods, the little square ones and whatever. He would go to, to nursing homes where people had dementia and Alzheimer’s, and he would interview them as best as he could you know, when they were born and this kinda stuff.

And then he would curate music and give ’em a headset and put that on. And then he, oh man. Re-interview them. And the thing was, is that music. We’ll bring it back to their teen years to their 20s and these people you watch that movie. It’s amazing. And to realize that I’m crying. I know it’s amazing that by accident.

It was not planned by accident. I was able to recreate that because the music I was playing. Was reaching him and bringing that to me and just created a day that will never forget. I mean, it was amazing. So that’s probably my favorite story, you know another one. 

Josh: Yeah. I mean, You can just stop right there.

Kyle: I know. Right. Like, okay, so it’s done. Drop the mic. Walk away. This is great. 

Josh: Exactly. 

Kyle: Oh my gosh. I know that that is amazing. Another amazing moment like that is I do a thing called the marriage dance. Okay. I came up with this. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. 25 years ago. And now you see other DJs doing it and stuff like that, but whatever.

So the purpose of the dance is after their first dance as husband and wife. Now we want to honor everybody who has been married for however long, six hours, 60 years, it doesn’t matter. And I actually have two stories with that, that particular item. So. As we’re dismissing couples off the dance, we’re even married less than six hours, six days, six years, whatever, and we start making a circle around the couple that ends up being the longest married couple.

So these are two separate instances, but I’m going to kind of combine them into one. Yeah, we get down to the final bride and groom, you know, and the song’s over, I bring the bride and groom back out and I say, so I turned to the, the couple that’s been married for so long, I said, how long have you been married?

I said, 72 years. Wow. Wow. That’s amazing. So we got 7. 2 hours. And 72 years. And so I’ll talk to the husband and wife and I’ll say, so what advice do you have? And the wife, this is kind of funny, depending on how long they’ve been married. If they’re married, say pre seventies, it’s one answer. If they’re married after the seventies, it’s a different answer.

So pre seventies, the answer from the wife is, well, so what makes your marriage successful? Well, make sure his dinner’s ready. And it’s closer, you know, so it’s it’s taking care of your husband. It’s the old, you know, I’m the wife. I stay at home and I do these kinds of things, right? And if it’s 70s and now it’s more of communication, love each other.

Don’t go to bed angry, that kind of stuff. So it’s more of the cohesive symbiotic relationship. So anyway, so that’s kind of funny. And then I turned to the husband and those are usually the same. Well, whatever she says, that kind of stuff. This was very cute. So the husband, he turns and he says, Sissy, cause that’s his granddaughter’s name or what he called her.

He said, Sissy, I’ll tell you something in all the years that we’ve been married. There’s been good times. There’s been bad times. Excellent times. I mean, we’ve lived through all kinds of stuff. There’s been, you know, blessings and there’s been disasters. There’s been, you know, amazing times and there’s been fights and everything else.

And I’ve learned 1 thing in every fight. There’s a winner. And there’s a husband and I thought that was really funny and I loved it, but that’s 1 and now back to the other 1, same thing, dismissing people and so on and so forth, and we go through it. And the husband and wife say something very poignant to the bride and groom.

We just got married about an hour later. I had 1 of the sisters. Of the mother of the bride come up to me and she goes, I just want to thank you. And I said, you’re welcome. You know, the same thing we, we actually get right. Quite often. Cause we do love what we do and we’re good at what we do. So we get that.

Thankfully quite often. No, she goes, I just want to thank you. I said, you’re, you’re very welcome. I appreciate it. I had a good time and she goes, you don’t understand. I said, well, elaborate. Yeah. My sister and I haven’t spoken for 20 years. Because I don’t even know why. And as you were dismissing people off the dance floor, we had to stand next to each other.

We didn’t have to, but that’s how it laid out. Right. And we started talking again, reconcile, and we’re back to being family again. That’s amazing. And I’m like, wow, okay. So the opportunities throughout the evening are just amazing. There’s so many opportunities that. The DJ can create the cinematographer can capture that all these things if they work together, you can create the memories that are just priceless.

Yeah. Now, on the cautionary side, and this is just 1 that I ran into it was at 1 of the local country clubs. God, almost 20 years ago, they decided to have an open bar before the ceremony. 

Josh: Oh, that kind of open. 

Kyle: Yeah. And the people were drinking and getting drunk and stuff like that. And both dads got drunk. Before the ceremony. Oh, and got in a fight in the lobby to where there was actual not a lot, but blood on the floor. Oh, my gosh, got the fight. So, you know, and that was before they even walked down the aisle, keep the bar till later.

You know, you know, that kind of thing, you know, so that’s just a cautionary tale. Oh my gosh. It was just, it was crazy, you know, but you know, there’s things like that, that happened. Oh yeah. 

Josh: Wow. Well, you just, you took us from, from here to here real fast there, so, yeah. Real fast. That, that, that is fantastic.

Well if you want to take maybe a minute or two as we’re closing out here and just give a couple some advice on planning their wedding budgeting especially ’cause I know that’s always a hot topic. Yeah. Hate to give you only two minutes for budgeting, but you know. 

Kyle: Well, I’ll be real simple with budgeting.

Budgeting, first off, before you just decide what something costs, make a couple phone calls, do a little bit of research, because, you know, I’ll tell you, and I don’t mind sharing, as a DJ, I’m charging 3,000 for four hours to start. That’s right now. And in, you know, 2023, 2024, that will change, but I put an average of 40 plus hours into a wedding before I walk in the door.

Same thing with you. I’m sure I can go out and find somebody with a camera. That’s not going to cost me what Josh costs me, but you are not going to get the same memories and the same quality. And the thing to look at is if your budget is here, let’s say it’s. 30,000 just as a round number. Okay. Think about what’s important to you is the memories important to you.

Is it the creation of the memories that are important to you? Well, if you think about that 30,000 budget and 3,800, I don’t want to, you know, give away other prices, but, you know, we’re talking what percentage of your entire budget is dedicated to 90 percent of the success. Of your reception, you know, your food is great and people are going to eat whether you go, you know what, let’s, let’s bring in and out in love in and out, you know, in and out and they’re going to eat or you’re like, no, let’s go steak and lobster different prices.

Your guests are going to eat, you know you have to think about what’s what’s your priority. And then from there, you know, is it the memories? Is it the creation of the memories? Is it the flowers? Maybe you’re a foodie and food is most important thing to you because you’re a chef and food is your thing and okay, fine, then build your budget around that.

But the most important is to call first before you decide, well, my budget is 7,000. Okay. You know, 

Josh: and then you call and find out that it’s 15. 

Kyle: Yeah. And you call and find out that the DJ is half your budget and you don’t even have a venue yet. Get an idea of what you want and find out what that’s going to cost and then figure out your budget and then plan accordingly.

You know, don’t figure you got a 30, 000 budget and I want to get married in two weeks, you know, right. Or 30, 000 budget, man, that’s a small budget to be honest with you. You know, there are larger 50 and a hundred thousand dollar weddings and, and stuff like that. And of course then there’s the ridiculous ones, but right, right.

Your average wedding is probably between 27 and about 60, 000. That’s kind of your bubble for the month. average wedding. Okay, figure out from there what you want and then budget accordingly. And then also look at 60, 000 in my budget today, or is that something that we’re going to have to budget for and work for and make payments on?

So we’re going to get married in a year and a half. 

And ask about vendors doing payments like we do monthly installments. And I know we’re not the only vendor that does that. 

I do monthly payments as well. Yeah. Another thing. So I take Venmo and cash app and Zelle and Apple pay and credit cards and debit cards and checks.

Right. If you pay cash, you’re going to get a discount. So ask about discounts. The other thing too, is on that budgeting back to the bridal show. You walk in, they have show specials. They’re saying specials book me, you know, over the next 14 days, book me today, book me the next 14 days, book me the next month, whatever that particular one is offering, and maybe they’re not saying here, I’m going to give you 10 off, but I’m going to give you, you know, the upgraded chair covers, or I’m going to give you the highlight reel, you know, for free, my service, or I’m going to throw in You know, the laser lights or I’m going to throw in the photo booth or 

Josh: I’m convinced I’m sold. Let’s go. Let’s let’s be at this show. 

Kyle: Let’s ask about the deals. Don’t be afraid to say, Hey, if I book you today, or if I book you this week, right? Can we do something? I’ll bet you almost every one of the vendors are gonna go. You got it. Right. Right. I’ll take care of you. 

Josh: Well, thank you so much for sharing, Kyle.

Let’s let’s wrap it up with telling people how to get ahold of you, how to get tickets and all that good stuff. 

Kyle: So the easiest thing is, of course, pick up the phone, give us a call, 661 633 8888. 9200 or you want to be bougie. I haven’t, I told free number eight, six, six, my wedding. Yeah, but our website is also the best place to get information.

Kern County bridal association. com. You’ll find all of the professionals listed there. You’re going to find tickets there. You’re going to find a little bit of advice, a little bit of this, a little bit of that you know, and of course our Facebook page and we do give away tickets on our Facebook page once in a while. So. You know, but you’ll find that on our website. Just click on the 


Josh: Awesome go check it out Thank you. Thanks for being on the show. Kyle. 

Kyle: Thanks for having me 

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Let us know what you liked what you learned and until next time I’m josh from Evermoore films. Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of the Evermoore Wedding Vendor Show.