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Sometimes it’s good to just take a breather and sit down together. When I was young I watched my parents have “couch time” on the couch together after dinner sometimes. Not every single day ritually but as often as they could. They would sit and chat and focus only on each other – kinda like a mini date but at home. As kids we weren’t allowed to bother them or ask questions or interrupt them (unless it was a REAL emergency) so that they could have some sane adult conversations in a house with six kids!

So how could you be a blessing to your husband this week? Suggest some couch time – 5 or 10 minutes will go a really long way! Offer an incentive to have him sit down by giving him a foot massage. You could agree to trade off or just give him one without expecting anything in return. The main thing is to show him that you love him by your actions not just your words. By sitting down on the couch you’re saying that he is important to you and that you want to talk and relax together like back when you were dating. By giving him a massage you’re showing that you care about him and want him to feel comfortable at home and able to relax from a hard day at work.

So give it a try! Plan a night to surprise your hubby this week with a foot massage and show him you love him without expecting anything in return. But hey, if he wants to offer you a foot massage too–then there you go! 😉

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