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So there’s short tips and long tips, simple tips and involved tips. Today we’ll look at a simple long tip. It’s just a letter, but it’s long. It’s “just because” but it needs to be done. Love is a funny thing. It’s both easy and hard work. It comes naturally but also needs to be cultivated. There are many different kinds of ways to love and everyone loves to be loved differently. For this wifey tip of the day, we’re suggesting that you write your love a letter – a love letter. Now this isn’t just a text, isn’t just a post-it note, isn’t just an email, isn’t just a letter it’s a love letter.


Make it long, make it sweet, make fun, make it romantic, make it lovey-dovey. Now there’s no occasion, but “just because” and that’s a good enough reason to tell your hubby you love him. Thank him for all the wonderful things he does for you, tell him what you love about him most, and encourage him with words of kindness and gentleness. Hold off on the criticism, ignore his faults for just a time, and focus on lifting him up, singing his own praises, and bringing joy to his heart – something you never know when he needs most.


Above all, just love him. Love him for who he is. Don’t try to change him, but fit into his ways. Don’t be his mother, be his wife. Now is the time to love him with words, and use lots! Send him the letter in the mail if he’s the one to check the mailbox or hide it on his dashboard for him to find when he drives away to work. Write it fancy or type it out (but be sure to sign your name!). Use plain paper or foof it up with flowers, hearts, and pretty girly things. You know your husband best so fit his needs and prepare the perfect love letter just for him!


Have more ideas? Comment on our Instagram or Facebook page what you do to help the mornings go better! Shower your hubby with love this week and tell us if you tried this tip and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page 🙂 

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