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Never Late | Wedding Tip 029 | Evermoore Films

You plan your wedding for months, now stop and enjoy the moments you’ve been waiting for. If the ceremony is drawing closer and things still aren’t quite ready, don’t stress! It’s okay! Everyone will wait. If tears start to come, no worries. Touch up with a little makeup, let it dry, and start five minutes late.

If relatives are just walking in at ten after and are scrambling to find a seat, you’ll be glad you waited so they could be there for your special celebration. Here’s the best part: since you’ll be on Cloud 9 you don’t need to memorize anything…just follow the directions of your pastor or officiant and repeat after him! Plan ahead for plenty of time and then enjoy it. No need to rush!

Joseph & Joni had a beautiful ceremony at Valley Baptist Church. The video still above is a perfect image of Joni’s anticipation to get married to Joseph. A happy bride, but a relaxed bride too! Don’t believe me? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy Joseph & Joni’s wedding movie: