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A break from Coronavirus

Had fun in the studio creating this Gatorade spec spot. I needed a break from all the crazy work going on behind the scenes right now and wanted to have some fun in the studio for a few hours. I found a photo from Gatorade that I liked and tried my hand at doing a similar look with what I had available. I’m pleased with how it can out, and I had a great time making it.


What is a Spec Spot?

For those of you unfamiliar with what a spec spot is, it’s a commercial for a brand or company that didn’t hire you. The production company just creates it to exercise their own creativity or possibly to sell the finished spot to the company. In some cases it may lead to getting hired by the client, but the purpose is primarily driven by passion and a desire to challenge yourself to make something.

So yeah, Gatorade, enjoy!

Further research

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