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Today we’re back at the flowers. It’s true. It’s sooooo true. There are so many details to a wedding day. And, too, there are so many different ideas, traditions, and formalities that you need to decide upon – which things to do, which things to not do, which things to include, which things to not include. Wedding flower bouquets are almost always a must no matter what type of wedding you have. With the small exceptions of DIY paper flowers or, as the new trend has it these days, puppies, most brides and bridesmaids walk down the aisle carrying a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, coordinating to their outfits and the day’s festivities.

So the question isn’t “To hold or not to hold?” and it isn’t “Hydrangeas or roses?” but rather “HOW do I hold my flowers?” Having been a bride myself once upon a time and having also carried many other bride’s bouquets out on cinema shoots, I can tell you from first experience that most bridal bouquets can get quite heavy at times, as beautiful as they are! So unless you’re walking down with a single rose or a small bunch of lavender or unless you’ve done your reps and your biceps can handle anything, then remember this tip on your wedding day: in order to see your LOVELY wedding gown and in order to have everyone looking symmetrical for photos, be sure all the ladies know what height to hold your flower bouquets at. Most florists and photographers will tell you “90 degrees. Hold your flowers at 90 degrees!” With a heavy bouquet, you’ll be tempted to either drop it to your side, which is of course fun for posed bridal party photos after the ceremony, or you’ll be tempted to hold it too high, covering your dazzling bodice or at times quite hiding behind the petals altogether! So think 90 degrees – not wishing for a hot summer day – but to keep your flowers AND your dress looking gorgeous and ready for photos and video! If for some reason you don’t choose 90 degrees, then pick a “look” or an angle that all the bridesmaids can easily remember for beautiful consistent wedding day images all day!

Chelsey did a perfect job carrying her flower bouquet down the aisle on her wedding day. She didn’t hold it too high and she didn’t hold it too low. As Goldilocks would say, “She carried it just right!” Imagine Nathan’s joy as he saw his bride-to-be walk down the aisle, beaming with smiles, holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! This is exactly what he did see and we’ll keep Nathan’s reaction a surprise until you watch “The Perfect Catch” and see for yourself!




Starring Actor: Nathan
Starring Actress: Chelsey

Film ProducerEvermoore Films 
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore & Ricardo Santoyo
Film Editor: John Hamlin & Joshua Moore
PhotographerDarling Nikki Photography
DJKevin Rush Entertainment
Officiant: Pastor Kenny Hoffman
Photo BoothTap Snap 1185

Tailor: Men’s Wearhouse
Dress Shop: Enchanted Bridal Boutique 
Bakersfield Tailoring and Bridal Alterations

Hair Stylist: Cathelene Chavez
Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Vigstrom

FloristFlower Bar

Lighting: Kevin Rush Entertainment 

CateringToo Fat Sandwiches
BakeryTastries Bakery

VenuePark Place Special Events
TransportationThe Limousine Scene
Location: Shafter, California

City on Fire” by Tyler Batts courtesy of MusicBed
All Night Long” by Umphy courtesy of MusicBed



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