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What about photo video combos?

We’re constantly getting asked, “Do you offer wedding photography? Are you wedding photographers? Do you know a good wedding photographer? Do you offer photo-video combos? Can I get a deal if I book both?” We have a great answer for you today – one you might not expect. It’s YES with a twist. Find out more by watching our latest Wedding Video Episode on Wedding Videos or keep reading…


The best wedding photographers in town

The best wedding photographers in town are…not us! WHOA! Yes! We keep our heads in the video game and are always seeking to do our best there, but when it comes to photography, that’s one area that we’ve chosen to NOT be an expert in. In fact, years ago we used to offer photography – it was a fun experience, but we quickly realized that the more we grew our business the more we had to choose between lots of good things. And we chose to stick with VIDEO as our “A” game. We haven’t regretted it since.

However, we’re always keeping an ear to the ground for what brides want and we knew that brides are always looking for combo photography and videography packages together – more specifically DEALS on combos. So we have come up with the PERFECT solution. Rule #1) We’re sticking to video and not adding photography to our list of talents and Rule #2) Offer beautiful photography in a great package deal that our brides couldn’t pass up. Solution: Offer deals IF you book BOTH a wedding video package from Evermoore Films and a wedding photo package from one of our selected local wedding photographers. You get a special unique deal from both Evermoore and the photographer of your choice! WIN-WIN!

Different options for wedding videos plus wedding photos

Every photographer offers something different and attracts a different crowd. We work with so many different wedding photographers and honestly it’s hard to choose just ONE, it’s hard to say “XYZ” is THE BEST, and to say that “XYZ” is the perfect photographer for YOU. Why? Because everyone has a different style, a different budget, a different personality, a different experience, different packages, different options…EVERYONE is different, unique, and there is NOT a one-size-fits all when it comes to wedding photographers.

So we came up with a wonderful way that you can still chose from different photographers but also get a great deal on a wedding video. Each local photographer we’ve partnered with offers their own price point, their own style, their own packages of what is or isn’t included, and a different deal when you book them. Everyone has a unique deal and it’s up to YOU to chose which one fits YOU. Not every bride is looking for the same thing, so we’ve created a wide range to choose from.

Saving money on wedding videographers and wedding photographers together

Find out who we’re partnering with and what the photo video deals are by clicking here. Sign up for our wedding pricing to access everything and save money on your wedding memory budget TODAY!

More About Evermoore Films

Evermoore Films is a wedding videography company that has been offering cinematic wedding videos since 2012. Our studio is located in Bakersfield, California and has served 150+ couples while maintaining all 5 star reviews. As full-time wedding videographers we are known for our romantic and emotional custom films, but offer a wide range of videography packages from affordable to luxury.

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