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Plan a Surprise! | Wedding Speech Tip #26 | Evermoore Films | Talk to family members of the couple to find out who can't make it to the wedding. Record a special message to share as part of your speech.

One of the best words that describe a wedding is “special”. It may sound cliché but it’s true: every wedding is special and unique and NO two weddings are alike! Think about how you can take part in making this wedding special, even if all you’re doing is giving a simple speech at the reception. Think creative. Think emotionally meaningful. Think about what would be special to the bride and groom. Go the extra mile and make it a moment to remember.

One creative way to do this is to record a special message from one of the friends or family members that couldn’t be there. If you’re the sister-of-the-bride and the wedding is 8 months away and you’re going on a family reunion in 2 months, consider having special family members make a secret homemade video message or card to read at the upcoming wedding. If you’re able to surprise the couple you may end up with a happy tearful bride at the reception or an emotionally moved groom and inspired guests wishing they had done the same and thought of something as creative as this! The sky is the limit so start thinking and think BIG!

Now at John & Katee’s wedding they didn’t exactly record a special message as part of the speech, but they definitely had a real surprise planned for the newlyweds! Picture a wedding at San Diego Wild Animal Safari Park in San Diego, California. Now WHAT kind of surprise do you think might just so happen to be perfect considering the venue and circumstances…watch their highlight film to find out! Hint: Think bouncing Australian animals…