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A Flowing Speech | Wedding Speech Tip #29 | After you think of the speech, write the speech, and review the speech, then see how much you can remember of the flow of the speech from memory.

Our brains are an amazing organ that just “blow my mind” (no pun intended!). We have the capacity to think, reason, love, and remember. And yet we’re created with short term and long term memories. Our long term memory doesn’t allow us to remember every look, smile, word, guest, flower, and laugh from our wedding day so that’s why it’s important to invest in a wedding video. But our short term memory opens up the opportunity to think, plan, compose, recital, and deliver a touching toast at a wedding feast.

No, you might not remember word for word the toast you gave two years ago at a wedding, but it is possible to remember the points for a wedding you’re giving this upcoming Saturday. Stop and take a few minutes to memorize the points of your speech – not word-for-word sentences but concepts, ideas, and key phrases. Plan ahead, be thoughtful, and give your wedding speech an extra little touch so that you can look into the eyes of your audience of the beautiful bride and groom and wish them joy from the bottom of your heart.

John & Samantha were blessed with dear friends and family who toasted to their happiness, reminded them of a few old stories, and thanked everyone for helping make their day special. Each speaker did a great job and thoughtfully planned ahead what they were going to say.