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What Do I Say? | Wedding Speech Tip #3 | Evermoore Films

We know you’re nervous, but there’s really nothing to worry about. In fact, for many guests the wedding toasts are the best part of the night. Everyone loves a good story, and they’ll be eager to listen and learn something new that you have to share about the happy couple.

Prepare for your wedding toast by setting a timer for 30 minutes. Ignore your to-do list and the neighbor’s dog and concentrate. Think back to the time you first met or your first memories of either the bride or groom or both. It’s always fun to hear stories from way back by the siblings and parents, but spilling each others’ lunch trays in the caf is a great story too. Write down old memories and most recent experience in the past few months as you’ve interacted with the lovebirds. Think and speak only on things that are true, honorable, pure, lovely, and worthy of remembering so that you can make their special day a happy one to remember…not just at the wedding but for years to come as they watch re-runs of their wedding video with their kids!

John & Katee had such sweet friends that gave meaningful toasts at their wedding. I remember listening so intently to their toasters that I found myself wiping a tear at their reception while I sat behind the camera. Kind words truly are like sweet honey!