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Live Musicians | Wedding Tip 015 | Evermoore Films

Some people call it traditional; others say it sticks out from the crowd. But either way, hiring live musicians is a fun touch to the joyful atmosphere at a wedding! Back in the day musicians would play as background noise or as a set performance…you’d either have to stand close to hear them or hush the room so everyone could listen. But now-a-days with our fancy shmancy technology and booming microphones, times have changed.

Ask your band or string quartet if they will be providing a sound system or if you need to provide one for them. Different instruments project differently and an electric guitar has different needs than a delicate harp. If in doubt, just ask! You will want all of your guests to enjoy the beautiful or entertaining music just as you do. Of course, be sure to tip them well – they have a skill that is incredible and they most likely couldn’t even tell you a ball-park number if you asked them how many hours of time they had to practice to get where they are today.

Now you can’t hear the live music of the live musicians in a highlight film, but they’re in the full-length documentary film for sure! See John & Samantha’s wedding highlight film here: