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Preparations | Wedding Tip 022 | Evermoore Films

A wedding happens in one day…24 hours. Wedding planning can take anywhere from 2 weeks (it’s been done!) to 2 years (or longer!). There are so many details that go into the entire day; it’s hard to believe that there are so many things to think about and things that are possible to plan. One important area of planning is locations. Stop and think about where everything is happening. No, not just the wedding ceremony and not just the wedding reception. Those are absolutely important, but there’s a few other logistical places as well.

Today we’ll focus on the Preparations Venue. There’s actually two: Girl preps location (1) and Guy preps locations (2).

Location One: Girls. Where are the girls going to get ready? Make sure they’re nowhere near the guys! How far a drive (or walk) is it to the ceremony? How much space is available? Is that enough from for all the bridesmaids…plus the mothers and flower girls and any other friends or relatives? Oh and don’t forget the hair stylists and make-up artists!

Location Two: Guys. Where are the guys going to get ready? Do they know that? How far are they from the ceremony? And how far are they from the girls? Who all will be meeting there? Did you remind them to bring their belts, cuff-links, etc? Is there enough room for the guys and the videographer and the photographer to be there?

Ryan & Monica were smart. They decided to eliminate potential delays with locations and yet still keep the tradition of keeping the guys and girls separate during preps. They chose to get ready at the same place they got married and the same place as their reception. Locations: all-in-one. Park Place Parties in Shafter, CA offers a beautiful venue with plenty of space for preps, the ceremony, and the reception all at one convenient location! If you can’t plan everything at one location, no worries – just have a plan!