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Count it Off | Wedding Tip 025 | Evermoore Films

Let’s take a minute to talk about the vendor team. Now, at a wedding there are different types of vendors that you will hire. Small vendors and big vendors; vendors that do a lot and vendors that do a little. A small vendor might be the cake baker. They’re in charge of one major thing and then they’re done. You will most likely not even see them on the wedding day but will still be very grateful for their deliciously hard work. On the other hand, your photographer will be your personal paparazzi for the day – in your face (in a good way!) and following you around and arranging things just so.

All that to say that although a wedding takes an army of vendors, there are about four key vendors that you will work most closely with on the day of your wedding: your day-of coordinator (a hired professional or just a friend), photographer, cinematographer (or videographer – same thing), and your DJ/MC. Oftentimes the DJ (Disc Jockey) and MC (Master of Ceremonies) will be the same person although they can be two different people. Either way make sure you find out ahead of time how they will announce each event and find out how long to wait and when to throw the bouquet and garter. Being on the same page will help the communication and make the evening events go smoothly.

Jessie & Ana did a great job listening to their DJ/MC, Kevin Rush, and waiting for the cue. We’ve got proof because they’ve got a great video! Check out their wedding film below: