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Here You Go | Wedding Tip 026 | Evermoore Films

Here’s a simple and very practical bride tip! During the rehearsal, plan with your Maid of Honor about the exact time to hand off the flowers. When the ceremony is over you’ll most likely be in La-La-Land – you, googley-eyed over your new hubby, and your Maid of Honor, teary-eyed with happiness. So plan ahead for the last important moment of the ceremony: the handing off of the flowers.

Plan for the moment when she will remind you to grab your flowers for one of the most famous pictures that will be on your wall – the walk down the aisle after you’re married. Even a whispered, “Here You Go” would help you from having to trace back your steps to get your flowers before you leave!

The maid of honor at Clint & Stacey’s wedding performed her job well! Watch their ceremony film below where the couple is pronounced “Mr. and Mrs.” and Stacey received her flowers right on cue. Only then were they allowed to leave the ceremony!