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Free Consultation | Wedding Tip 033 | Evermoore Films

Relationships are important. And as convenient as it is to “just” look up a company on a website or even call (or text) them a few basic questions, there’s nothing like sitting down together in person and having a “real” conversation. As cinematographers, we encourage couples to “just go talk to them” when trying to decide which photographer they should choose. No, you don’t have to choose someone based on their website or one cool photo you saw – as easy as that may seem, it’s rare. Since a photographer is one of the key vendors you will have with you on your wedding day you need to choose wisely. Spend some time talking in person with a few good photographers to discover not only who they are but what you really want and what’s actually important to you.

Most photographers would jump at the chance to sit down and show you their work, explain their story, and see if you are a right fit for you. If budget is your biggest concern, don’t be afraid to tell them. If quality is your biggest concern, watch for their consistency. If personality is your biggest worry, then be sure you find someone that “clicks” with you. That isn’t something you can decide by a Facebook post! Figure out a few good questions to ask them and ask them what questions you should be asking so that you can know if you are a perfect fit for each other.

Dan & Sandra found their photographer, Lisa Rudnick, who was perfect for them. In this custom film, as requested by the bride and groom, we showcased each vendor involved, and everyone got a little screen time, including Lisa. It was fun to see how the whole wedding came together and how important it is to hire not just a photographer but a cinematographer as well and how together we can create something beautiful for a sweet couple to remember their special wedding by!