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Tell a Story | Wedding Speech Tip #15 | Evermoore Films

Wedding toasts can sometimes be the best part of the night. Whether you’re the bride’s grandma or the groom’s cousin, you almost always learn something new – or hilarious – about the couple. I (Emily) have caught myself more than once behind a camera wiping a tear at either a touching moment or from laughter at the stories that are told during the wedding speeches.

Some wedding speeches can go long – in a good way – and they can end up being even longer than the ceremony itself! But by the end of the night you feel like you know the couple and have been friends for years…all because their family and friends stopped to tell a story about them.

At Roy and Morgan’s wedding, Morgan’s dad gave a wedding speech with a hilarious story. He recounted the day when he first met Roy…right after he sucked in helium from a balloon. Watch the video to find out what happened!