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Finding the Right Video Production Company for You

Is any video just as good as another one? Is any video company just as good as the next? We’ve got three things for you to consider as you’re choosing a videographer or video company for your next business move. Finding someone local can give you several advantages, besides not paying travel fees, finding someone who is experienced will help the process go smoother for everyone, and finding someone who is legal will ensure that you won’t get bit from behind at any time during the process of planning, creating, and distributing your videos.


1. Someone Local

Especially in this Spring of 2020 during the Coronavirus epidemic, hiring local is SO important. If you’re a business based in Bakersfield, California, or anywhere in the surrounding Kern County area, we just want to let you know that we’re here for you! While some businesses are more essential than others, we know that the world must go on even if many people are working from home and adapting to their situation in way in new, creative ways. Business must still go on and even more so now than ever before online presence whether through websites or social media takes precedence, which means video is even more important and more valuable than before.

Even after our economy returns back to normal and the lockdown is lifted, video will come out stronger than ever before and at some point in the near future you will need to be looking for a videographer, a video company, or an agency that can provide you a video to help stimulate business or just go on as normal. Again, we’re local and we’re eager to partner with you to create the right video for you!

2. Someone Experienced

Knowing that video will be important, we expect that a new surge of videographers will emerge in the near future and that you will have an even harder time finding the right company to hire because there will be so many more options. But one thing that has proven the test of time is that you get what you pay for. When you’re looking for a quality video, or a video that is made with a plan in mind, or a video that will do more than you plan, you’re looking to hire someone who’s experienced in their field. Of course, this goes for anyone in any business or any industry. When you choose the cheapest option you may have to lower your expectations of performance, but when you pay for someone who’s more experienced you can spend less time worrying about how everything will turn out and spend more time focusing on your own business!

3. Someone Legal

Another red flag we have to talk about is being legal. We are thankful for our government and the laws they provide and must follow them even when they might seem silly or inconvenient because we know that rules are made for a reason, and one of the biggest reasons is safety. Hiring a videographer who is so cheap that they don’t follow the rules (or don’t know the rules) will definitely come back to bite you sooner or later. It’s important to follow the rules, stay legal, stay safe, and hire those who will keep you on track. One big example of that for some videos and some companies is the act of hiring drone videography, or photography for that matter. If you’ve got more questions about drones, read our blog post here that answers 30 great questions to ask about drone usage. Being legal and safe is very important to us here at Evermoore Films.

Hiring Evermoore Films

We’re local. We’re experienced. We’re legal. Located in Bakersfield, California, we are excited to work with businesses from all kinds of industries and would love to chat with you to see if we’d be a good fit for your next video project needs.

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More ideas

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