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It’s Time To Market Your Business

If you’re not already working on proactively, aggressively, passionately marketing your business or organization, NOW is the time to start. If you’re already working hard on marketing and are looking for deeper ways to attract your audience at a more engaging level and haven’t started video marketing, NOW is the time to start. If you’re looking for tips on how to make a great marketing video…well…we’re here to get you started. We’ve got three simple but effective and very important tips on creating a good marketing video.

1. Know Your Goal

The first question you need to ask yourself is “What are we trying to accomplish with this video.” If you don’t have a solid goal in place before the video is planned, shot, or released then you might be working really hard but not really smart. There are lots of different goals, but you need to pick what’s right for you. Every video needs its own goal, otherwise you’re just making random videos that may or may not be working well for the purpose they’re supposedly serving.

Are you trying to get views? Are you trying to go viral? Are you trying to make sales? Are you trying to get immediate business right away? Are you trying to establish yourself in your industry or community? Are you trying to inform your audience about a particular issue? Are you trying to raise awareness? etc. etc. etc.

2. Know Your Audience

Stop and make a plan about who your video is trying to target. Who is this video for? Kids? Students? Adults? Women? Men? Business partners? New customers? Existing clients? Local community? National audience? But even beyond that HOW are you going to reach them? HOW are you going to attract their attention. Every different type of audience is attracted to something different and you need to make sure that your method of marketing is going to attract the same audience you’re aiming for or, again, the goal of the video may fail.

3. Know Your Strategy

Great! Now HOW do we get there? We’ve come up with a goal, we know who our audience is – but WAIT! – don’t pull the trigger yet! Do you have a strategy for how to get from “making a great video” to “making that great video actually WORK”? Determining what videos to make and how to make them is SUPER important, but if you don’t have a PLAN for how to get the video out, then it’s just going to sit on your website or disappear on Facebook as an archive, and all that time, effort, and money you poured into creating it will also disappear. Know your strategy for each video…stop and strategize with others about the video from start to finish before it even gets shot. Have a DETAILED plan so that you can launch with confidence.

Schedule a Strategy Session

Most businesses know they need a video and may or may not have an idea on exactly how that video needs to be made in order to help their business, but fail to make a detailed plan to ensure success. They skip the strategy stage and just go fast to get it done or take their time to just let whatever happen. Don’t let that be YOU. Contact us today to talk with a video professional about making your next video hit the target with your goal and your audience! Your video needs to drive a result and a big return on investment so that your business can keep moving forward!

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