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A Good Video Will Get Your Attention

It takes seconds to judge whether a video is going to be good or bad quality. Sometimes you can just tell by the thumbnail. Not all videos are designed to be good quality, but when you need one or have one it’s obvious. Home videos made on your iPhone aren’t supposed to be a big production, but when we’re talking business, customers, money, causes, brands, and reputations…then you’ve got a lot more at stake. You can smell a bad quality video from a mile away, but a good quality video will eliminate distractions and keep you focused on the message. Let’s talk about 3 important elements in a good quality video.

1. Good Sound Quality

Good sound quality will set your business apart really fast. Bad sound quality will set your video apart really fast…in a different way. When working with a professional videographer you’ll notice the importance of quality sound especially in the different types of microphones used to capture audio. Yes, cameras have built-in microphones, but there’s a reason why people buy and sell external microphones. You need one. There’s all different kinds of ways to capture audio and it may vary on the needs of your project from clip-on lav mics to hand-held mics to boom mics.

2. Good Lighting

Just like sound, bad lighting is easy to spot. It’s amazing what a few off-camera lights can do to change the look and feel of your video. Again, there’s a reason why Hollywood movie studios invest millions of dollars in lighting equipment for ultra-cinematic movies and that affects video production everywhere, whether you’re doing a simple interview n a small room or trying to light an entire space for a special look.

3. Good Video Editing

The third thing that will set apart a good quality video from a bad quality video is the quality of the editing. Good storytelling comes from good editing and everyone loves a good story. The editing style you choose can give a video high energy or leisure room to breathe. Different videos require different styles of editing and a good editor can deliver a variety of styles. But consistency in editing is also just as important within a video – you don’t want a video that starts out with an amazing intro only to be disappointed by the end and you don’t want a video that has a terrible opening only to save the “best for last.” Bad editing will drastically reduce the watchability of your video.

Get a Good Quality Video Today

Just because you want a good quality video doesn’t mean you have to make a long video, and just because you want a good quality video doesn’t mean you have to make a short video. Length has nothing to do with quality…unless you have a really long bad video…then it’s just painful. We’d love to talk to you about creating your next good quality video for your business or organization, whether it’s a big or small project. Not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ll be interested in our video ads. Formatted like a 30 second TV commercial, our video ads can be up to 30 seconds long and can be designed in HD, square, or vertical formats for use on television, social media, or your website.

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More ideas

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Here are three samples of video ads we’ve created:


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