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Preparing for a Successful Video Launch

Invest in video, and invest in a long term goal. Just making a video isn’t enough these days. You need a video that will not only do the job, but do the job right. There are three basic components to a video launch that can make or break all your hard work. Let’s look briefly at each of them and talk about how they’re not that far out of reach as you might think!


1. Have Relevant Content

Every video for every business no matter how big, how small, how simple, how complicated, MUST have direction and purpose for a successful video launch. If you don’t have relevant content, you won’t be able to connect with the audience you either already have or are trying to reach. You need to stop and make sure that the goals you have for your videos make sense with the direction you are going in marketing or business or whatever. Creating random videos here and there about whatever won’t help achieve your purpose…and notice how we said videos…meaning one video isn’t designed to solve ALL your problems. More about video campaigns later…

2. Have a Promotion Plan

Making a video is good. Sticking it on your website without thought, without plan, without direction, without goals, without utilizing all possible methods of exhausting that information…could cost you a pretty penny. If you’re paying so much for a video, make sure you’re thinking about all the ways you can use that revelant content to really stretch your dollar and really make the whole process worth it. This is what we mean by a good video launch. And this means you’ll need a solid plan for promotion. We’d love to strategize with you about your next video and how a unique plan for promotion will be the key to it’s long term success. Sometimes that means blasting it out on social media, sometimes that means paying for its reach, sometimes that means something bigger and more complicated or more involved.

3. Have It Optimized

Another super important part of launching a successful video is making sure it gets optimized. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can’t ignore this. It is way too important to ignore. You need to start with the basics of an appropriate title, thumbnail, and description for web searching. It needs to be attractive to the audience you are looking for. Talk to us about ways we can help you optimize your video to make an effective video launch.

Hiring Evermoore Films to help your next video launch

We believe that video is crucial to advertising in our modern world that revolves around computers and the Internet. Photos? Yes. Super important. But while a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more so a video? We’d love to help you come up with relevant video content for your business and goals, make a plan to promote it, and optimize well enough so you can SEE the return on investment and wish you’d done it sooner!

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More ideas

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Here are three different samples of video ads we’ve created:



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