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Perhaps you’ve come across the item “Raw Footage” online in your research for a wedding videographer or perhaps you’ve seen it listed on some price sheets. As videographers we throw the term around here and there, but we know not all brides are familiar with exactly what we mean, so we’ve got 5 helpful answers to questions you might be asking!


1. What is Raw Footage?

Raw Footage is literally a compilation of all the video footage straight from our cameras to your computer. It is completely unedited with no color correction or audio mixing, but includes everything that we captured on your wedding day. This usually ends up being hours and hours of footage where you get to see it all: the multiple angles, retakes, bumps and bruises as well as the roses among the thorns. No one is forgotten, nothing is left out, and it’s all yours forever and ever to do whatever you want with it.

If you don’t add Long Videos to your package, the Raw Footage is a great cost-effective substitute, definitely not as pretty or enjoyable, but nonetheless special and important to many couples. 

2. Do you include Raw Footage?

Sometimes. Not all packages include Raw Footage, but the packages that do include Raw Footage will have it clearly listed. Raw footage can be added to any package before the wedding day and up to a year after the wedding. To see a list of what each package includes simply sign up for our instant access to pricing.

3. Why is Raw Footage important?

So this is interesting because Raw Footage totally matters to some couples and totally doesn’t matter to others. And one isn’t necessarily right or wrong over the other.

Here are a few reasons why couples choose TO GET Raw Footage:

  1. I want to see ALL the footage you captured
  2. I don’t mind seeing double-takes, redos, second or third angles of the same thing, changes in camera settings and light adjustments, bad audio…I just don’t want to miss out on any gem you do happen to catch
  3. I’m not able to order any Long Videos right now so I’d rather get Raw Footage than nothing
  4. I want to browse through the footage just for fun

Here are a few reasons why couples choose TO NOT GET Raw Footage:

  1. I trust you’ll find all the good shots and I don’t want to see all the extra stuff
  2. I’m getting some Long Videos and/or a Feature Film and don’t need the unedited version too
  3. I’d rather pay to have you edit it than buy the Raw Footage and try to sift through it myself
  4. I’m only going to watch it probably once or maybe twice in my life and to me it’s not worth the time or money

4. Can I order Raw Footage later?

Yes! You don’t have to order Raw Footage in your package now. In fact, you can always order it up to one year after your wedding day. After that we can’t guarantee that we will be able to store it, since for some couples it contains HOURS of footage and we’ve only got so many hard drives. Ask us about saving it for you for a later date so that you can book a package now with a lower monthly payment and still be able to see ALL the footage eventually.

5. Can I see a sample of Raw Footage?

Yes! Click here to watch a sample of Raw Footage from both the ceremony and reception (scroll to the bottom of the page). Keep in mind a few differences from Raw Footage and Long Videos as you watch:

Raw Footage…

  1. Is not edited…it’s the pure image straight from the camera
  2. Includes double angles and double takes
  3. Includes audio straight from the camera and hears whatever audio is nearest the camera, not necessarily the main event of what is going on (especially bad in wind)
  4. Does not include color correction
  5. Is based on the camera settings and doesn’t always come out in chronological order
  6. Might end up being several hours of footage
  7. Cheaper
  8. Means you get everything

Long Videos…

  1. Are edited for a better experience
  2. Include only the best shots with not as many doubles
  3. Include high quality, edited audio
  4. Include color correction as needed
  5. Appear in chronological format as in the correct order that things happened
  6. Are shortened to under an hour depending on the videos you order
  7. Higher price
  8. Means you get the best of things