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You’re married, now what?

Many brides spend months (if not years!) planning and preparing for their wedding. Believe it or not, time flies fast and before you know it, your wedding day is over! Now you’re a newlywed bride with a new life ahead of you. There are so many things to do, so many ideas to dream, and so many ways to show your new hubby that you love him.

Today, we’re starting a new tip series for our Evermoore Brides to have fun as a newlywed and think of creative ways to love your husband! What a more perfect day to start than on Valentine’s Day?!

Our first Evermoore Bride tip is this:

Love Your Husband #1 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com


Now we want to hear YOUR love story! Did you try the marriage challenge of the week? Was he happily surprised? Did he sweep you off your feet and kiss you…or did say “Thanks sweetie, but no thanks.”? Use #EvermooreBride to let us know how it went! Then, send in your own tips and you could get featured on the next #EvermooreBride Tip!

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