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Dream Date | Evermoore Bride Tip #9 | Loving Your Husband

Date nights are important. For many reasons. Dates can be planned by either the boyfriend or the girlfriend, the husband or the wife. Even after you’re married, never stop dating your spouse! So this week take the challenge of Evermoore Bride Tip #9 and plan a simple date.

The purpose of this date is to be simple and to dream. It can be expensive or cheap, fancy or plain, but as long as it’s simple and the focus is on the content, not the show. Plan a date that doesn’t keep you busy watching a movie or listening to a concert, but plan a talking date. Plan your dream date. By this we mean, plan a date to dream.

If it doesn’t get on your calendar, it won’t make it to your “Accomplished List.” If it only stays on the “To Do List” and never makes it to the “Bucket List” then that won’t help. And if you never make time in your calendar, well then it’s not a priority. Make dreaming a priority. No, not day-dreaming 😉 Make life goals, big picture ideas, and just fun silly dreaming part of your priorities – not every day, perhaps not even every week or month. But make it happen sometime – you decide how often for you two.

Having trouble getting started on your dreams? Take a look at our dream list:

Dream List

  • What do we want to accomplish this _____ (month/year/etc.)?
  • Where do we want to travel to next or go on vacation?
  • Who do we want to spend more time with?
  • What things are on our calendar and are they still important to us?
  • What baby names do we agree on (sometimes this can take months or years!)?
  • What character traits do we want to work on this _____ (month/year/etc.)?
  • What do we want to be known for after we die?
  • What are our individual talents/skills and are we using them the best we can?
  • What new skills do we want to learn?
  • Who can we extend special kindness to this _____ (month/year/etc.)?
  • What community group would we join if we made the time?

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