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Sometimes you need to go simple

Our last groom tip was all about fancy dates, but this one is all about simple. Yes, you need the fancy, but none of us can afford that every weekend or even once a month. So don’t wait until you’ve got a hundred dollar bill in your pocket to take your wife out on another date! Make it $20…or $10…or $5…or nothing. There are lots of free things to do in Bakersfield and it’s more about making the memories together than about what you do. As long as you’re together it doesn’t matter really what you do even if it’s just going on a walk. And sometimes that’s all your brain has room for, and sometimes that’s all your pocket will allow, and sometimes that’s all you feel like doing. Just nothing. But make it date, dress up if you want, and go back to just you two and forget the world for an hour or two.

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