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Love Your Husband #7 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com

Words are full of meaning. Words are the best way we communicate. Wise words are helpful, encouraging, and promising. Words can be short, and words can be long. Words string together to create thoughts. Thoughtful words are a beautiful thing. Beauty is for sharing. Share beautiful words with your husband and you will find yourself deep in joy. 

Love your husband with words this week. 

Short And Sweet

  • Text him right now
  • Say hello
  • Send a smile
  • Wish him a good day
  • Tell him you’re thinking of him

Go All Out

  • Make a plan…here’s a few…
  • Text him on the hour every hour today, something short, something sweet, something for him to read real fast and go back to work or to read all at once after his shift has finished
  • Text him at the same time of day every day for an entire week – or two! A little longer something, a little sweeter something, or something with a little more depth
  • Send an inspiring quote to work hard
  • Send an inside joke punchline 
  • Send a favorite movie quote he’d recognize instantly
  • Send a picture of you smiling
  • Send a sneak peek of what’s cooking for dinner
  • Send a list of ideas for how to relax tonight
  • Send him love and assume the best: if he doesn’t respond right away it’s ok – you two will be together before long!

Shower your hubby with love and tell us if you tried this tip and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page! 

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