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Timeless and simple, Ashley dePencier Photography will capture your wedding day in an unforgettable way and make fun memories with you from your engagement to your anniversary! Located in Bakersfield, California, but always up for travel, give Ashley a call if you’re still looking for the perfect photographer! Loved shooting Adam & Bianca’s Lake Tahoe wedding with Ashley this summer and creating a day to remember for the two lovebirds.




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In her own words: “Since I was a little girl, I have always been captivated by the romance and passion of fairy tales. The stories full of chance meetings, whirlwind romances, courtships, and blossoming love always ended with my favorite part; a beautiful wedding. When I began to study photography, I came to realize that the magic of everyday love was even better than a fairy tale. Each story is so unique, and this time I get to be the storyteller.”

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Starring Actor: Adam
Starring Actress: Bianca
Starring Vendor: Ashley dePencier Photography

Film Producer: Evermoore Films
Film Director: Joshua Moore
Cinematographers: Joshua Moore & Ricardo Santoyo
Film Editors: April Moore & Joshua Moore

Wedding Venue: Gar Woods Grill & Pier
City: Carnelian Bay of Lake Tahoe, California


To see the full wedding highlight and full credits, visit: https://www.evermoorefilms.com/i-am-yours/



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