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This week’s Bride Tip isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the easiest tips, and yet one of the hardest tips as well. It’s easy because all you have to do is ask. Just ask. Ask your husband what HE would prefer to do tonight. Got a free evening? Have a date night set aside? Or find yourself at home with a few hours to spare? Ask your hubby what he wants to do. Hold off on the sappy chick-flick while eating triple chocolate ice cream brownie sundaes. Of course, he might like that too, but let’s give him a chance to see if that’s what HE wants to do TONIGHT. If not tonight then plan on the calendar when to try this tip!

Perhaps he’d rather get a project done (with perhaps a little help from you?) or perhaps he’d rather watch a scary action movie. Or maybe it’s going to be a bustling bowling night, a work-out bike ride night, a quiet reading night, an upbeat dance night, a strategic puzzle night, or even a relaxing hanging out with other friends or neighbors night. Let him decide. That’s the easy part. And that’s the hard part. You can’t guilt-trip him into doing what you want to do, you can’t pout in a corner, and you can’t whine about it all night. Tonight it’s all about him. Tonight make him feel like the prince you always wanted to marry and let him choose what to do and be excited for what he wants to do and join him if you can. If he’s out of ideas come up with a few together, but they can’t all include a trip to the shopping mall or getting your nails done!

So put aside your own desires and make his desires yours. Ask him what he prefers and jump all in with a positive attitude! Make him feel special, because he is! Above all love him and encourage him that he’s the perfect man for you and that you’d rather be with no one else than him!

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