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A few weeks ago we were approached by Mark Nessia from TBC Media who wanted to feature us in an article for the Bakersfield Life Magazine. They were looking to do an article to fit the theme of the February issue of Valentine’s Day that was all about love, sweet treats, and pets and thought we were the perfect fit as “a couple who films couples in love”.

They wanted to know about us and our story – how we met, when we got married, and what we love about what we do for work. We enjoyed sharing our story with Mark so that he could write about us and share our story with others. Now I won’t “spill the beans” about the article, but you’ll have to read it for yourself. There’s a cute picture of our little “family” that includes our golden retriever puppy on page 6, and the full article can be found on page 108! Enjoy!

*Photo by Ashley dePencier Photography