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Love Your Husband #18 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com

Birthdays come once a year, which means your hubby’s got only one. Only ONE out of the 365 days that you celebrate the day he was born (well, okay, at least most of us here do it that way! 😉 ) Birthdays are for celebrating, remembering, and gifting out of love. Sometimes birthdays just creep up on us and before we know it tomorrow’s the big day and we haven’t even THOUGHT about shopping let alone sitting down to write a heartfelt card! Well this year let’s make a plan to change.

A plan that will have your husband’s birthday gifts ALL set to go in plenty of time. You get to determine HOW early, and what exactly is the definition of “early” based on your own time-scale, but…at least enough to not be stressed and enough to show you care and in plenty of “earlier” time than normal – or at least last year! For most people that could be a few days early, but for some it can be a few weeks early. In fact, you can start planning his next birthday present TODAY no matter when his birthday comes – or even the day after his last birthday!

So that’s it. Plan in advance. Write it on your calendar. Make a due date. Plan it early. Make it happen and make it special. Show your hubby you care! Caring is a way to show your love. So go ahead and love your husband by planning his birthday present early this year!

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