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I can smell it now…a nice, hot stack of syrup-slathered, butter-bladed, raspberry-topped fluffy mouth-watering homemade pancakes with a side of bell-peppered, ham and cheese scrambled fresh organic eggs and two pipping-hot, oven-sizzling, maple flavored bacon strips and a glass of freshly squeezed home-grown orange juice…

Well, even if reality isn’t as savory as our dreams, at least we can still have fun making do with what we have and focusing on the memories and quality time together even if we’re not all gourmet chefs! But wouldn’t your handsome man appreciate even just his favorite bowl of cereal or a bagel and cream cheese with a bowl of fruit without having to get out of bed? Saturdays are the perfect day for taking life a little slower and relaxing together by starting the day off right. And bed in breakfast is a fun treat once in a while to celebrate just that!

Turn your cozy home into one of those cute beach cottages that offer a bed and hot breakfast by grabbing a tray, adding a bouquet of flowers, and serving your hubby breakfast in bed to his surprise or by asking for a menu of his choice. Surprises are fun, but in this case you’ll have to plan carefully to make sure it’s a welcome surprise. A weekday morning before an important meeting is NOT the best time to suggest a lazy morning, but a Saturday that needs some motivation to get goin’ on the yard work might be just the time to plan bed in breakfast.

Tell him to stay in the room and not leave or get up before he wakes and surprise him with a hot, ready-cooked meal. Drop a hint or make it surprise. Take an order or whip up what you think he will love best. Make him feel special and thank him for serving you each morning as he leaves for work to provide for your family and, of course, tell him “I love you, sweetie!” with a kiss!

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