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A sweet way to love your husband this week: by cooking his favorite meal after a hard week at work | www.EvermooreFilms.com


Remember how your wedding coordinator said over and over “It’s all about the details – it’s the little things that count!” Well, there is definitely some truth to that, and right here, with loving your husband, we can definitely apply those words of wisdom! Remember the little things, because sometimes the little things can actually be the big things! Like a meal. If you don’t know your husband’s faaaaavorite meal (or if it’s really that impossible to cook) then ask him for some yummy ideas. Oh, or here’s a good one: create a pinterest board JUST FOR HIM of ideas of meals he likes (not of ones you THINK he should like) but only the things that he really does like. Then, hand over the computer and say something like this, “So, honey, I’ve been thinking. And I would LOVE to keep track of which meals I cook (or should start cooking) are you favorites so that I know how to surprise you in a way that you love when I have time.” And then hand him the computer and say, “So I would love if you could tell me or type in ideas of your favorite meals, browse around, and save the recipes you’d like me to try or that you know you love and then I can have them all ready to go!”

So give it a try! Plan a night this week or next or soon or just be spontaneous when you know he’s going to have a hard week or just had a hard week or day at work and prepare in an extra special way his very favorite (or one of his favorite) foods or meals. Sure, perhaps the next date he could choose where you eat, but you cooking him the meal will make it even more special. Nothing fancy required unless you have time to throw a fresh tablecloth on, light a candle or two, and add some dinner music to the mix, but either way–casual or forma–we’re SURE he’ll appreciate you just thinking about him. Best wishes to a happy husband – let’s see if you can’t out-love his love for you today!


This tip is part of our Bride Tip series, which encourages newlywed brides to love their husbands more every day. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

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