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Love Your Husband #20 | Bride Tip Series | www.evermoorefilms.com

Sometimes there are days when we wish our husbands could read our minds. We wish they could just understand. We clash, we’re frustrated, and we don’t know how to get out of the rut. What if your husband could read your mind? What if you could say the exactly perfect thing at the exactly perfect moment? What would he find out? What would you say?

Honestly, what’s stopping you from telling him? What if you could just stop and tell him something you wish he knew about you? Something that would solve a lot of problems. Something that would cure the frustration. Something that helps you both understand each other more and become more sympathetic towards each other. Maybe you need to tell him that it really bugs when he does A-B-C and that if he could just be more aware of it and work on doing D-E-F instead then that would help a lot. Or maybe you need to tell him that you really appreciate when he does G-H-I and you would love it if he continued doing that like he already does. Or maybe when J-K-L happens (like it does often), then you just need a little M-N-O and that will fix everything.

By giving him these ideas of how to better understand you, you are loving him and not trying to play “Crack The Wife Code” with him. Make it easy by just telling him what you’re thinking so he can understand you and the two of you can work together better. Better yet, write it down in a non-threatening way. About a year or two ago I heard some wonderful advice. Buy a blank notebook and title it “All The Things [My Husband] Needs To Know About [Me].” Then start a list of random things that you think would be helpful to tell your husband or that you think would be helpful for him to know about you.

You don’t have to finish it in one sitting, but you can keep adding to it over time. In fact, our ideas, our preferences, and likes change over time so it’s not even possible to write down everything! You may only get to 20 or you may get to 200 real easy, but get started and just write. Then present him with the notebook as a gift, a key to your heart. You’ll be loving him by inviting him into your life and revealing to him your secrets and as he reads and understands you better he will be able to love you better. So it’s a win-win!

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