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Clear your Saturday schedule for your hubby, why, 'cuase you love him and want to spend time with him! | Love Your Husband Bride Tip #23 | www.EvermoorFilms.com


Loving your husband means spending time with him. If you never spend time with him, never want to spend time with him, then I would seriously doubt how much you really do love him. So this week, or picking a week coming up, choose a day, perhaps Saturday, to just clear your schedule and spend time with him. Set all your other worries and cares aside and “be” with him, “live” with him, and be excited about his world. That could mean skipping town for the day or it could mean helping him with work or a project that he really wants to do or needs to do and wouldn’t mind you being around for.

If it’s something you can’t directly help with, you can at least be there in the room with him and either chat or do something else productive while he’s working on his own thing. But the point is, “be” and “live” together for a day. If an entire day isn’t reasonable in your schedule right now, make it half a day or a solid chunk of a few hours. But get in his world, participate in his hobbies, or help him wash the car! Perhaps he might come around the kitchen and help with the dishes more or perhaps not, but show him you love him and clear a time to spend specifically with him. If you’ve already got kids include them too or get a babysitter, but make your husband a priority so that your love will not just continue but grow deeper every day!


This tip is part of our Bride Tip series, which encourages newlywed brides to love their husbands more every day. Follow the series and join us for new tips each month!

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