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Just drop it

No, not the laundry…the complaints. Don’t make a big deal out of something that isn’t a big deal, because admit it…laundry just isn’t a big deal in the big picture of life. In fact, how many other things really are either? No one gets to 90 and regrets not fighting with their spouse more when they were newlyweds, so just resolve now to give it up and let the other person be who they are without complaining about it. When you’re both in a rational state and not emotionally charged then of course feel free to bring up issues that might make your life easier or mention something like laundry that might be less work for you if the other person could just work on XYZ, but then you’re able to give and take and not complain about each other.

Because after all, that’s not what you were thinking about on your wedding day!! Promise today to slow down on the complaints and speed up on the encouragement, even if that does mean still pointing out something that bugs you. But just don’t complain about it. Make a conscious choice to love your husband and if that means not complaining about the dirty laundry he throws on the floor 2 feet away from the hamper? Then do it. Smile. And work on it together later.

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