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Sewing may not be your thing. Or it may be. But we’ve all got those little tasks that we’ve promised our husbands – little tasks that are just too little to make it on our “To Do” list. Sometimes those little tasks can actually make a big difference. Just think – the frustration of not being able to wear your favorite shirt only because one of the buttons popped off or the zipper snagged or the hem came lose – gone in a matter of minutes when you just stop to make time for a little sewing and make his day!

All it takes is a needle and a little thread. Why, now-a-days if you don’t have a mother or grandmother to teach you to sew you can type any simple task into Google or YouTube and find almost any project explained by words or video – making even complicated tasks as easy as pie by following a simple tutorial. So if you aren’t proud of your sewing skills or are afraid your buttons might be cock-eyed, phone a friend or whip out the web and see if you can’t make yourself (and your hubby) proud by fixing up a neglected project instead of throwing out a good pair of pants because of one little sad button.

Sew…give it a try! Open the cupboards, pull down those baskets, and find those neglected outfits waiting their turn for a button or a hem. Look on your calendar for this week and set aside an hour, a half hour, or even a few minutes to tie up some loose ends and finish those projects. Plan a rainy day activity this week and who knows…maybe we’ll end up with some extra long rain showers! Don’t forget to present your work to your hubby and offer a kiss with your little surprise – can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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