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Choosing your wedding video music

Music is a big deal in a wedding video. Brides often wonder who gets to choose the music? The couple? The videographer? The flip of a coin? Today on our third episode of our Wedding Video Series we’re answering these questions and we think you’ll like our answers!


Yes, you can choose your own music for your wedding video

We are so excited to offer a new feature at Evermoore Films. One that is so simple it’s crazy we haven’t done it before and we won’t be surprised if someday it will go mainstream! All of our couples are able and welcome to browse, get ideas, and choose their own wedding highlight video music through this really cool system. The only catch is that it’s got to be legal. Copyright law states that we can’t just grab your favorite Disney song and slap it on your wedding video, unless you want Disney’s lawyers knocking on your door. But with that said, we have an endless supply of legally licensable music covering a huge range of styles!

Browse our playlists to select your own wedding video soundtrack

You can browse through the never-ending lists to find your perfect song, or you can choose a song from our curated playlists, or you can just let us pick it for you. Click HERE to get started and let’s get your wedding video soundtrack on the books!

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