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A Series of Videos on Coronavirus Tips for local Bakersfield businesses affected by COVID-19

If you own a company or work for a company, this is for you. Watch and pass on to the people in your company who need to see it. We put together 7 short videos to help local businesses in Kern County know how to handle the Coronavirus crisis. These free tips are for our local community, and none of them require hiring a video company. Everything can be done yourself, but we’re here to help if you need us. The videos are all included below, the topics cover:

  • What is Evermoore Films doing?
  • Why making videos is important right now
  • What videos should my business make?
  • How can I afford videos right now?
  • Why training videos are important right now
  • How to setup your own live streaming

If you would like us to assist you in implementing these ideas and strategies, please contact us.

What is Evermoore Films LLC doing regarding the Coronavirus

We’re releasing a series of video tips to help our local kern county business community deal with the Coronavirus and how it might affect them.

Why is Video Important Right Now?

Video is more important now than it’s ever been because as a communication tool video is best suited to replace face to face conversations.

What Videos Should My Business Make?

With the current Coronavirus situation businesses need to make 3 different kinds of videos.

  • Announcements
  • Weekly updates
  • Continued marketing


How Can I Afford Videos With The Current Economic Situation?

You can’t afford not to utilize video with the current situation. Here’s how you can make it work.


Why Are Training Videos Super Important Right Now?

Now more than ever you will need to document the key processes and key job functions in your business. What if a key employee is suddenly unable to work because of illness, quarantines, or childcare limitations? Do you need to quickly train new employees? Do you need to do a mass training on updates related to COVID-19? Training videos are essential to solving those problems right now.


How to Setup My Own Live Streaming For My Church or Business

Need to setup live streaming for your church or organization and not sure where to start? In this 2 part video, I’ll guide you through the basics you need to get started with live streaming.

Part 1 covers the basics

Part 2 covers equipment


Need Help?

Have more questions or want us to help your business implement these tips and strategies during the Coronavirus? See more about our corporate work or contact us today.