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Love Your Husband #13 | #EvermooreBride | www.EvermooreFilms.com

This week, pick a night to slow down. Grab your calendar (or open your app!) right now and decide which night this week you will have a slow, relaxing dinner at home. It doesn’t have to be an expensive dinner or a romantic, dreamy kid-less dinner. It just has to be slow and relaxing. Not rushed. Not stressful. Not loud. Not a quick-grab-run-to-the-night-thing dinner.

Use fancy dishes, use every-day dishes, use paper plates – whatever you’re in the mood for. But pay particular attention to the sound of your dinner – not the chicken squakin’ or the rice over-boiling, but the ambiance around the table. Light a candle, turn off the TV, and create a relaxing atmosphere for all members of the family (hey, even fur-babies like peace too!).

Instead, put some soft classical music on in the background, or choose a calm, quiet Pandora station. Keep the volume low so you can continue on your dinner table conversations and still feel like you’re at an expensive restaurant. Be an over-achiever and get the mood music on when dinner starts cooking so you’re ready for hubby to show up anytime!

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