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“Fly me to the moon”…it’s my wedding day!

If music means a lot to you two in your relationship, consider quoting the lyrics to a favorite love song you share. Just saying a few words will get the song going in their head while they’re waiting to see you. If they’re nervous they can just hum along the tune to themselves…he while he’s waiting for the procession to begin and she while she’s being driven to the church. Perhaps it will remind them of a special memory you had when you first heard or danced to that song or perhaps it has just the perfect lyrics for this moment, this day, your wedding day. Not sure what to write in your love letter? Borrow someone else’s words who said it well and end by saying “I love you.”

Love Letter Tip Series

This tip is part of our Love Letter Tip series, which gives ideas to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be about how and what to write about in your love letter to your spouse on your wedding day before you see each other. Follow the series for more love letter tips! Stay connected through Instagram or Facebook and watch for our full wedding tip series!

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