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Love Your Wife...By bringing home fresh flowers | Groom Tip #1 | www.evermoorefilms.com

So here goes our first Groom Tip! 

The ladies have been enjoying the Evermoore Bride Tip series and we think it’s high time we start an Evermoore Groom Tip series to help out the gentlemen so they can love their wives better just like our wives are showing us how they love us better. 

Think of it as a hint or tip scratched on a post-it note from one husband to another…

Our tip of the week is this: fresh flowers. Bring her flowers.
Ladies love flowers.
The pretty ones.
The small ones.
The big ones.
The ones from the florist.
The ones from Lowe’s.

If you haven’t figured out by now what kind of flowers your lady likes, there’s no better time to start.

Pick a bunch.
Bring them home.
Offer them to her and watch her reaction.

Then, after about a week when they have died and traveled to the trash can, ask her for an honest opinion. Say, “Hey honey, how did you like those flowers? No, I mean did you REALLY LOVE them or is there another kind you prefer better?”

Key: don’t ask her this question on Day 1 when you hand her the flowers or you might not get an unbiased answer.

Of course she loves flowers and she would probably rather have any fresh flowers than no flowers at all. But most likely she’ll have particular favorites from you as you grow old together.

Maybe she doesn’t and she honestly just loves them all. In that case, be creative. She’ll like them all so change it up every time you go to the flower shop.

Buy a different kind every time and she will love your creativity.
Buy her a potted flower.
Buy her a flower in a vase.
Buy her a tall flower.
Buy her a short flower.
Buy her only one color of flowers.
Buy her a multi-colored bunch of flowers.
Buy her the big strong flowers.
Buy her the small dainty flowers.

Over time she may decide no for certain options or maybe not. But ask her for her opinion and write down what she likes in case you think you’ll forget!

If she does discover that she likes only one flower type, then be aware of that but don’t be afraid to buy other kinds too, especially if her favorite are out of season. But for the special occasions, buy her favorite if you can. Just the fact that you remembered will mean a lot to her.

Find yourself forgetting to buy her flowers? Here’s an easy solution…

Make a plan to buy her flowers once a month. It doesn’t always have to be huge and expensive, but AT LEAST once a year it should be big.

Sometimes just a single rose is romantic enough.
Sometimes just a nice smelling flower from the front yard.
Sometimes just a baby potted plant from Lowe’s is a welcome sight too.

You can bring home flowers for her on the 1st of every month, on the date of your wedding anniversary every month, or you can pick a special or random day each month to surprise her (especially if she’s a planner or catches onto your scheme!). But put a reminder in your phone, write a code on your calendar, or do something to REMIND yourself to bring your wife flowers.

We get it. Life is busy. Things happen. But don’t let your goals become regrets. Buy her flowers TODAY and start a new tradition, start a new goal, start a new month!

Have more ideas? Comment on our Instagram or Facebook page what you did to love your wifey this week. Shower your wife with love and tell us if you tried this tip and how it worked by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook page!

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